1: standards research

Standards and organizations Number: Lecturer: Question There are many standards which have been set up to govern the operations of the internet. These standards have been used to manage the various enhancements that are seen to be effected from time to time. There are many standards and organizations that have been set to oversee the implementation of internet technologies. One of the standards organizations that have been set up is the IETF. This is the internet engineering task force. This is tasked with the various technologies which are set for use in the internet. There are various working groups in each standards organization. One of the working groups in the IETF is that of IPv6 Maintenance (6man). This is working group that is tasked with maintaining the IPv6. This is new IP address schemes that are poised to replace that of the IPv4. His is because of the address space which is becoming limited in the latter scheme. The work of this group is to ensure that the addresses of the hosts are evenly distributed. They ensure that there is enough mechanisms that will ensure that the duplication of IP addresses are minimized and eradicated. They also ensure that IPv6 fragmentation is processed. They are also tasked with coming up with RFC documents that are used to enhance the connectivity and developments in this scheme. Question 2 IEEE 802 is an important standard in networking. This is because it is tasked with ensuring that the various networking equipment that are developed by various vendors interoperate with networking technologies. With the developments in networking technologies, there has been a need to have standardized interfaces that will enable the devices to communicate. Without IEEE 802 standards, users have not been able develop interfaces which are used internationally. This is something that has been an issue with the developments in networking technologies. There has been a need to ensure the technologies that are developed in the networking field communicate well. This has been achieved by use of the IEEE 802 standard (Pathak, & Dutta, 2012). Question 3 The American National Standards Institute is a private organization that is non-profit that ensures that the products, personnel, technologies and services that are developed in America get international recognition. This body ensures that these products are used worldwide. On the other hand IEEE is an association that is dedicated to enhancing professional and technological innovations. It is tasked with ensuring that the enhancements in technology are undertaken well. The third organization is that of International Standards Organizations (ISO) (Hutton, & Teare, 2011). ISO is an organization that is tasked with ensuring that the standards that are created are international and used universally. They are tasked with ensuring that the standards that are developed are used by most devices and technologies. Of the organizations that are assessed above, the most important is that of ISO. This is because it is tasked with ensuring that the standards that are developed worldwide are used by most organizations and standards. ANSI is only concerned with the technologies and innovations in America alone while IEEE is concerned with technology and innovations alone. ISO governs all nations and all sectors of development. They not only standards in technology alone but standards in products and technology. Question 4 There is a need for a federal body that is tasked with regulating standards and regulations. This is because there are varying levels of innovations in countries. A country is not in a given level of technology when compared to the standards in another country. There is a need to ensure that the standards that are developed in a given country are at a certain level and in the pace of innovations and developments in that given country. The disparity in the developments in various countries is due to availability of resources and funding. To be in pace with the developments in a given country, there is a need to ensure that there are standards that are followed and used in that country (Tiso, J2011). The use of international standards is not reliable as the pace will be slow or fast depending on the status (economic) of a given country. America is economically empowered and should therefore have their own standards body that will work in the pace of the country. This is the reason why there is a need to have this standard. This will be used to have internal assessment and development as a country. International assessment takes time. I therefore support the need to have a federal standards body that will oversee the developments and enhancements of standards in America (Mark, 2008). References Hutton, K., & Teare, D. (2011). Designing Cisco network service architectures (Arch) Foundation Learning Guide. Cisco Press. Mark, C. (2008). Security guide to network: Security fundamentals. New York, NY: Cencage learning. Pathak, P., & Dutta, R. (2012). Designing for network and service continuity in wireless mesh networks. Springer. Tiso, J. (2011). Designing Cisco network service architectures foundation learning guide. Cisco Press.