A case study on river island

The research focuses on how companies maintain loyalty with its customers and how they make profit out of them? To be able to get the deeper idea and to understand this research, this study has shown the strategies of customer loyalty, have explained and introduced specific activities which keep customers loyal.

Furthermore benefits generated from maintaining customer loyalty has been show, which includes both for the company and customer as well. Researcher has used both the quantitative and qualitative methods because it will be helpful in the research with much amount of data to be collected.

While using the primary data researcher have structured a questionnaire which was provided to the staff and interviewed the management. Secondary data has been collected from ‘ arioso sources like Articles, Journals, magazines and text books. The research has been conduct in a very ethical manor. To collect and analyses the data and findings an SPAS has been used.

From the finding it has shown that there is strong relation between brand and customer. It has been explained thoroughly. Relative recommendations have been given which shows a proposed work and research has been further addressed.

The result of this study shows that companies now days are aware of the importance of customer loyalty by giving them the idea of customer loyalty programs. Contents Many organizations use branding as a strategic tool with increasing regularity in business environment. Branding plays a very important role and brands and branding are not new ideas, historian of business say that branding is over 100 {ears old and its role is becoming more important.

(Irony, 1995) According to Irony 11995) the brands are used by organizations to entice customers by promoting the mage, value or lifestyle or prestige.

Furthermore he adds that branding is a state or technique to build sustainable environment through people. In brand management four As (product, price, place and promotion) as well the implementation of the strategies are the main factors. Also within brand management, brand equity and brand image has been developed which measures the guide to corporate strategy development. (Legman, 2004) Wood (2000) mentions that there are multiple meanings of brand equity and is defined by the marketers in different ways. This difference lies between the relationship of a customer and brand.

To make it more simple meanings of brand has been provided.