A chinese hero by yvonne liu-fong essay examples

Yvonne Liu-Fong introduces her article by acknowledging that heroes are defined by several features that vary from children to adults. All heroes differ in their own ways and for various reasons. She names her hero; Kim Toy, who is retired and 88 years in age. She learnt about him from a magazine for which her parents worked. She goes ahead to list the features that make Kim Toy her hero. Mr. Toy served as a soldier in the southern Pacific Ocean during World War II, and as a merchant marine. He is charitable and generous, helps in educating other Chinese people, and has volunteered two times; to clean Chinatown and to sell Chinese news papers. Notably, he avoids luxury life so as to aid education and donate to charity.

Liu-Fong’s list of donations and benevolent acts of Toy is very long. In 1992, Toy donated $10, 000 to Taishan City’s first television broadcasting station and another $30, 000 to the Taishan City school district for scholarship funding for students in 1995. In addition, he has always gone to San Francisco State University to visit foreign students from China to encourage and advice them. Further, Kim Toy gives help to less fortunate people. He always sends a bag of rice and some food to families of new comer’s from China. He donated $2000 towards the construction of Taishan City’s first senior citizen home and promised an additional $10, 000 to the home in 2004. Liu-Fong concludes by noting that many people would spend their money on cars, luxury, vacations, and parties rather than give it to others. Kim Toy has the special feature of being generous to others; this makes him Yvonne Liu-Fong’s hero.