A five star restaurant media essay

Every people have their own dream like dream car, dream house or others that someone who chase. When I was a child and I wish I can have an own dream restaurant, until now I do not give up my dream and believe my dream will achieve. My dream is own a five star restaurant, I will pay fully care to manage my restaurant to make sure everyone is comfortable when they enjoy their meal in my restaurant. Other than that the restaurant must near with the ocean so my guests can eat their meal meanwhile can appreciate the view of sea wave in the blue ocean. In my restaurant will play different jazz music everyday in order to let guests to relax when waiting or eating their food. Actually, I hope my restaurant is another peace world for my guest to thinking and relaxing after they finish work. Everyday everyone have a trouble to bother, so I grab this point to establish my dream restaurant to guests have a silent place to enjoy meal and do not have anyone disturb. In food aspect, as a five star restaurant owner I will purchase good quality types of food to cook for my guests. Health is very important for every people and I won’t use the chemical substances to harm my exalted customer. Food must innovative then can attract more people to consume. Nowadays, most of the restaurants are promote set meal and the meal is different every week, so it is a way to retain their regular customer. According to the way to retain customer, we must more creative than other restaurant otherwise we cannot follow the food trend to attract consumer and may be will facing close down problem. 2. 0 ANSWER FOR QUESTION 1To be a five star restaurant must has an appealing menu to attract customer for try and has delightful décor to give our guest a special atmosphere, but most important think is make sure all the staffs are accommodating that can keep people coming back again. Western food is very amazing and it’s give a person different taste and not seem like Asian food. Western food restaurant basically would exist in more people place and it will increase and grow our economy. Western food normally is using steak, bread, cheese, egg and etc for ingredient. Actually, western food is depending on the dedicated sauce or popular sauce such as mushroom sauce and black pepper sauce to make the food delicious. Burger, French fried, bacon, sandwich and sausage is under western food and we can always see it in the western food menu. Western food is very expensive because some restaurant would import the steak, so the price will definitely high. Nowadays the western restaurants would like to promote set meal and it obviously cheaper than a la chart order. Everywhere western restaurant set meal is same and it contains appetizer, main course and dessert, so most of the people can afford it. Some of the restaurant such as KFC, McDonald, Pizza hut are very well-known western fast food restaurant in foreign country, the owner is very clever and promote value meal in different time because he want to target all the guest especially teenager because teenager prefer fast food although fast food is not healthy. Assume I am a western food restaurant owner, I will contribute my employees to do more marketing survey to realize what customer requirement and grab the point to promote more products to satisfy customer. Among those popular western foods, the famous dishes would be chicken chop, burger, fish, chips and steak. To attract more customers, western restaurant has a daily meal and everyday is different menu to retain the customer. Normally, the set meal has a mushroom soup, salad with thousand island or mayonnaise sauce, main course and ice-cream and drink worth than the a la carte food. Malaysian likes to go to western food restaurant in order to have a nice atmosphere especially a couple. After dinner a couple can walk on the beach, see the sea wave, so romantic and have a memorable moment, I think all the girl will wish has an experience, so that I believe one day my dream will achieve. Five star restaurant is through the restaurant ratings to confirm the restaurant whether five star or below. The restaurant ratings identify the restaurant food quality and environment. Sometime the guidebook, lifestyle magazine or newspaper can discover the restaurant ratings and the restaurant feature. Obviously, five star restaurant is a wide place and the seat is comfortable, so the business man can cheat their business with the good environment. Five Star Restaurant’s attentive staff will make your visit a memorable day. ConclusionWestern food is very popular in foreign country and it different with Asian food. A good western food restaurant has their own special sauce, so if the sauce is great will attract more people to consume. If you want to enhance the ratings of restaurant first thing must improve the food quality and create more new product. To improve the food quality you must ask the guests opinion after finish their meal or ask guests to fill up a feedback form, so you will know what customer feel and improve the food which need to improve. According to the above, manage a restaurant is not easy but no so hard just use your heart to manage the restaurant and everything will be better. In my opinion, if a person who has study business management, so it very helpful for manage a restaurant. Most of the people said knowledge is very important, pay attention in each lesson and learn the successful strategy of manage restaurant, so every problem is not a problem. 1. 0 INTRODUCTION FOR QUESTION 2Malaysia contains three major ethnic grouping such as Malays, Chinese and India, so Malaysia seems like a big family. However three races in Malaysia have their own culture and it is cannot be change. Furthermore, different race has different taste, habit, culture and characteristic. Malays is the largest group in Malaysia almost 57% of the population. Malays like to eat spicy like curry, so their food is strong, spicy and aromatic such as Nasi Lemak, Rendang chicken, Sambal Sotong and other Malay style food, combining the rich tastes of the many herbs and spices commonly found in Southeast Asia. In Malays food culture, they do not eat pork, so Malay food is one of three major cuisines in Malaysia. Chinese is the second largest group in Malaysia almost 25% of the population. Chinese majority like to eat salty food like Char Kway Teow, Bak Kut Teh, Hainan’s chicken rice and other salty taste food. Obviously, all the Chinese food is related with salt and soy sauce. Indian is a smaller group in Malaysia only got 7% of the population. Malaysian Indian cuisine of the ethnic Indians in Malaysia is similar to its roots in India. They also like to eat curry but different with Malay curry. Indian curry is consist lot of spices, coconut milk, and curry leaves, so the curry is very aromatic. Most popular is use for cook curry chicken, curry fish head and curry mutton. Indian cannot eat beef and pork because it is their culture, but some people eat pork just depends on the person. Some restaurant is halal it means just provide chicken and vegetable for those who do not eat beef or pork. 2. 0 ANSWER FOR QUESTION 2Every country has own culture and the food quality is very different. Chinese cuisine has plenty of customs and traditions associated with the preparing and consumption of food. Other than that, Chinese cuisine is very diversity and amazing. In general Chinese cuisine can be divided two groups which are southern and northern. Northern foods are more focus on vinegar and garlic. Northern food frequently uses oil, but the food is not cloyed. The Northern Chinese dish is always revolve around pasta. Whatever happen Chinese dish will include the popular food such as dumpling, noodle, steamed stuffed buns, fried meat dumpling and other Chinese festival special food. In Tientsin and Shantung are the regions that known for cooking of Northern style. Most Chinese foods have cook with pork as their sub-ingredient. Some Chinese restaurants can be found serving Halal food and it can wider range of customers to come. Chinese food is very well-known in the world and it more diversification than western food. In special Chinese festival or event also can taste the special food during the festival. It is Chinese food culture and the special festival must use the special food for prayer. Chinese New Year, Dragon boat festival, Moon cake festival, Winter solstice festival and so on are Chinese important festival and all of the festivals have the feature food. Chinese New YearChinese New Year is the most important event in the Chinese cultural. Chinese New Year falls on the first 15 days of the first lunar month. During the Chinese New Year, all the children are very happy to get red packet and play fire cracker. Nian Gao is a Chinese pastry and it make Before Chinese New Year, it can as gifts to family, friends and business associates. The popular and special food in Chinese New Year is Yu Sheng. It is a special dish of raw fish salad and only can consume in Chinese New Year and the Yu Sheng is invented in Singapore. Dragon boat festivalDragon boat festival is an old historical about Qu Yuan. Qu Yuan is a nice boy and his died is appreciate everyone, so they commemorate him during Dragon boat festival. Most of people will eat Zong Zi during the festival. Zong Zi contains pork, salty egg, rice and bean and the taste is so nice. In that day, will have dragon boat competition. Moon cake festivalMoon cake festival is Mid Autumn festival and it examines the myths of moon cake’s role in overthrow of Mongol dynasty. Moon cake obviously is the feature of moon cake festival. Moon cake is very expensive almost RM 12 per moon cake and the taste is normal. Some people will buy some moon cake to home although it is expensive. At night, group of family can look at the moon and taste the moon cake enjoy the special Chinese day. Winter solstice festivalWinter solstice festival is on the end of the year. During the time, weather will become cold and all the animal will find a shelter to pass the day. On that day, my grandma will cook dumpling and the dumpling is colourful. A hot dumpling can warm our body when the winter is coming. ConclusionCulture is important to everyone and it cannot be change. Understand you culture is referring to understand yourself and how you live. Each race has own festival and it also is a part of culture. Chinese New Year, dragon boat festival, moon cake festival and winter solstice festival is the important day of Chinese culture. People also connect to their cultural or ethnic group through similar food patterns and people often use food to retain their cultural identity. People from different cultural backgrounds travel to different country must adapt the food during their trip, because the food culture is different may be the food more spicy or salty. The ingredients, methods of preparation, preservation techniques, and types of food eaten at different meals vary among culture. Different race has different culture and even the taste is different. Example Malays do not eat pork and Indians do not eat beef so the restaurant owner can target them with their favorite and increase business chance. The restaurant owner must realize culture of them and make an appealing menu. Food culture is a vital part of becoming integrated into a culture.