A logistics managers position with the firm

April 23rd Jack S. Turner Jamison Ave Houston [email protected] com Maersk and Evergreen United s To whom it may concern,  Inquiry About A Logistics Manager’s Position With Your Firm
Shipping management, export documentation, insurance, loading shipping containers, arrival times and handling restrictions on goods going to certain countries: I believe such experiences along with export documentation internship experience and as a dock worker loading shipping containers, I got the theoretical background and practical experience.
During the internships, I learned about commercial merchant ships, the speed, the design, the crew compliment and loading the containers. I even learned how the ships are loaded using cranes that run alongside the ships, how they are secured for storms at sea, and how they are manifested aboard the ship.
Could your firm use the services of an entry level employee with this type of experience?
Throughout the internships summer experiences I learned that international shipping is more than just filling out paperwork. There’s a lot to learn when it comes to the actual physical work that is involved, the ships that carry the goods, and the high risk of shipping over the ocean rather than by air. Just wearing a tie or nice trousers looks good, but it’s also good to be able to say I loaded the container. I know about commercial ships and ocean travel. In other words, I’ve gotten my hands dirty learning from the bottom up.
My references will confirm that I’m disciplined, energetic, and a quick-learner and feel pretty good about myself given the economy and hold plentiful knowledge about the position I m applying for.
If you have an opening and by going through my professional details you think that I can justify the responsibilities of the concerned job, I would welcome an interview at your convenience.
Jack S. Turner
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