A philosophical problem or topic from buddhist philosophy essay examples


In the Buddhist philosophy, there are a number of philosophical topics that can be found. A good example of the philosophical topic is nirvana. Nirvana is a very important term for the Hinduism religion. This is because the term has been used to describe one of the most important and fundamental goals that should be the defined path of Hinduism. Nirvana is stated to be the process in which the people are able to diffuse the needs or cravings, ignorance and aversions (Gethin). According to the teachings of Hinduism, when the fires that people get within themselves are distinguished then it would be easy for them to be able to live lives free from suffering which is the Dukka. It also stated when one is free from the fires within then they would be able not to be able to go back to the cycle of rebirth. The Buddhist believes that when people in the world are able to reach the state of nirvana when they are alive they would be able to be free from the negativity that is in the world thus they would be able to be happy and live peacefully. When a person has died and was in the state of nirvana then the experience that they might be feeling is stated to be beyond words.

The process of nirvana

According to all philosophers in the world, they believe that the process of achieving nirvana is a long one. According to the teachings of the Buddhist, believe that the process of the nirvana is something that will take years to achieve. The reason for this is that when it comes to the purification process it takes a longer time to for one to be able to purify their minds and souls. The process of purification is hard because one has to have the commitment and will to do it. The Buddhist believes that the awakening called Bodhi is what will determine a person to have nirvana in their lives.

Freedom from suffering

It has been stated by the Buddhist philosophers that when a person experiences nirvana then they would be able to be free from suffering. The freedom of suffering will surely end when the mind has separated itself from ignorance, aversion, and fires of attachment. When this things come out then the person will be able to be live peace and because their minds will be at peace. This will cause the end of one’s suffering and life will now be able to have meaning and joy. Bhikhu Bodhi is one of the Buddhist philosophers who has talked about the peaceful nature one experiences when they have eliminated the aversion and cravings of the world (Kanna). This is when he states that the process of the elimination is called nirvana.

The fires within us distinguished

According to most of the teachings that has been written about the Buddhist culture the philosophers, believe that nirvana can be defined as the process of eliminating the fires that people have that makes them to suffer. Most of the fires within people are aversions, ignorance and attachments. According to the contemporary Buddhist, they believe that when a person has reached the state of nirvana then their bodies and mind are able to have freedom. The name of one of those philosophers who stated this was Ajahn Sucitto (Gethin).

The freedom of rebirth

The Buddhist people have a firm believe that when a person has been able to reach the process of Nirvana then they will be able to escape the process or cycle of the rebirth. In looking at the teachings of Buddhism, it is very clear that they believe that when a person’s mind is full of aversion, greed, ignorance and attachment then they will not escape the rebirth cycle. According to the scholar Paul William, he has stated that the process of nirvana is a way of letting go of the things in life such as the desire for pleasure and cravings. The desires and cravings are something that will follow a human being even after death thereby bringing the cycle of rebirth. According to Williams, he believes that the process of nirvana will bring about the cessation of Samsara and all the sufferings that exist in the world. The other well-known Buddhist philosopher has the same ideas, as Williams is Bhikhu Bodhi who has a firm believe that people will be in the state of Samsara only if they give in to their cravings and desires of the world (Kanna). This means that they will have to go through the cycle of death and birth over and over again until they free themselves from the ravings of the world.

The mental state

According to most philosophers of Buddhism, they believe that Nirvana causes people not to be bound to the negative mental state. One of the philosophers who have claimed this theory is Walpola Rahula who states that when an individual has been able to achieve the state of nirvana then they will be able to e free from all the obsessions and worries that most people in the world experience daily. There are other philosophers who have a firm believe that the nirvana causes people to deconstruct all the bad habits and thoughts that people usually have in their minds. When this bad habits and thoughts are distinguished from the mind then the mind will have free space in which good things could occupy it. One of the scholars with this kind of assumption is Anam Thubten (Kanna).
In conclusion, nirvana is a philosophical topic that has great meaning to the people who practice Buddhism. The reason for stating this is because of in looking at the teachings of Buddhism they believe that the state of nirvana is very important because it causes people to be live a path that is free from all the negativity in the world. Nirvana for the Buddhist culture isa process in which the people are able to distinguish the negative impulses that people have in their minds. This process will cause people to live pure lives.

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