Accessories marketingv- jimmy choo essay sample

Jimmy Choo is not only one of the world’s most loved shoe, but also a leader in social media marketing for its category. Over the past few years, few shoe brands have used social media in a more engaging, innovative and effective manner. Jimmy Choo marketing has not only limited itself to the regular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, sites that so many brands rely on for their marketing, but have also used well-publicized social media events to boost brand awareness and sales. This article highlights how the glamorous Jimmy Choo is steps ahead in their marketing and how other shoe and clothing brands can learn from their success.

One of Jimmy Choo’s most effective marketing events was their Foursquare campaign in 2010, the Jimmy Choo Trainer Hunt. Using social media platforms, female fans were able to participate in a real time treasure hunt. Fans were literally running all around London to check into various fashionable locations that were broadcasted on Facebook and Twitter. The first fan to reach the location secured a brand new pair of Jimmy Choo’s new trainers, straight off the accessory hanger. An astonishing 4, 000 people participated in the event, which caught the interest of local media, and sales increased by 33%, owing to the success of the Jimmy Choo marketing event. Positive online sentiment about the new range increased by 40%

Choo Connection is another clever use of social media. Launched in 2011, it is an online visual montage of the brand’s history. The social arm is ‘ Your Choo Stories’, where customers can submit stories about their most significant moments with the brand. Famous celebrity contributors include Elle Macpherson, Elizabeth Hurley and Sex and the City wardrobe director. According to stats, Choo Connection has increased the time spent on the main Jimmy Choo site by 20%, leading to increased sales off the online shoe and boot hanger. Jimmy Choo marketing campaigns are effective because they reflect the brand value in their marketing and understand how audiences consider the product. Furthermore, Jimmy Choo marketing campaigns work used hand in hand to create one-off events that create buzz and also ongoing campaigns that engage customers.