Admission to physical therapy graduate program

In all aspects of my life, perhaps the most significant inspiration that has shaped my life becoming the person I am today and gave me direction is experience itself who has taught me well. I had a toughchildhoodwith my parents and my first marriage was unsuccessful.

However, the outcome made me a stronger, more responsible and compassionate individual developing a heart for others in need. My loving and forgiving grandmother imparted to me values that have served as my guiding principles through the years. I always give my best in everything I do no matter how insignificant that may be.

I believein the saying do unto others as you would have them do unto you because truehappinessto me is caring for others. This is the very reason why I worked so hard to complete myeducationby all means despite many obstacles so that I could be of great service to many when I finished my graduate program.

Pursuing my college education was quite a struggle. I have to joggle raising two boys and studies as well as financial resources. As a stay-home mother, I took initiatives to continue schooling whether on-line or on-site at Mountain State University and Chattahoochee Technical College maintaining very high marks. Due to lack of funds, I stopped during the fall of 2005 until April 2006.

With much dedication, I moved on with my studies in May 2006. I thought then that it was impossible but I did it because I was determined, committed and focused. Currently, I am senior at Charter Oak State College finishing my undergraduate studies with a 3. 90 GPA at the same time doing my required 80-hourobservation.

Besides myfamily, realizing my education would be my other great accomplishment more so when I graduate from this program. I am motivated to undertake this study because I believe that this is a good foundation to sharpen not only my intellectual purpose but my capabilities that will propel me to more achievements in life and acareerin physical therapy.

Ever since growing up I have uncovered my desire to help others probably because I have an outgoingpersonality. When I started college, I wanted to be psychologist. However, I have a neck problem that needed to be addressed through physical therapy. During my treatment, I just fell in love with whole process and like what I saw. The therapist was truly concerned about my pain and tried to make me strong and healthy again. There were these exercise equipment that help the patients strengthen their weak areas.

Fitness andhealthare part of me. I play golf once a week at the same time goes fishing, horseback riding and hiking. I joined the CountryMusicMarathon last April with a time of four hours and three minutes, which landed me at the top 7% overall and top 3% in the women’s. I feel that I am a healthy person and could promote the benefits of nutrition and exercise to a lot of people. There is a shortage of physical therapist. I believe I would make a great therapist.

While searching for a graduate school that would meet mygoals, I was excited to find the holistic approach of Alabama State University in Montgomery to physical therapy. I have devoted my undergraduate studies to prepare for this so that I can finally practice what I have learned. By adopting the tools and methods the university will provide, I can correctly interpret the theories and practices of physical therapy that are both insightful and sound.

Aftergraduation, I intend to pursue this career either in government or private to support my family and help those in need of physical rehabilitation making sure they get the necessary care and attention. When I gained enough knowledge and experience, I plan to set up my own therapy sessions at home duringmy free timeto serve nearby patients.

Though school may be over, I will still continue educating myself through research on-line to further expand my knowledge. I really enjoy what I do because I want to be a good example to my children and hopefully give them better education. All the hardships are nothing if you love your family.


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