Advertising manipulation assignment

In the magazines and newspapers we read, the buses, rains and subways we transport in, the neon lights we walk or drive by, the billboards that dot the landscapes on our highways, and the commercials that interrupt our favorite radio and television programs. Manufacturers use this multimillion dollar industry to persuade people to buy their products, gain new customers, and build an image of their companies. When it comes to advertising there are no boundaries.

Political candidates and their parties use advertises to try to win votes, the government uses ads for the armed forces to help recruit volunteers. Special groups and organizes also was ads to help promote a cause. Everyday people use ads in the newspapers, on television, and magazines to sell cars, homes, property, pets, or other items. Children are no exception to the rule from toys, sweets, foods, sports, fashion and games. Having and indirect and powerful influence on they way our children feel about themselves and the things around them.

In the recent years ads for cigarettes and alcohol have gotten a lot better. The above the influences ads, and ads on drunk driving are now warning our children instead of inviting them to join the party. The issues surrounding advertisements and the effects that the have on our culture is a never ending list. What one may believe is okay the other may not, these ads are apart of our society, both corrupting influences upon our culture and raising awareness of dangers we may face.