Advertisment case

Advertisement Case Affiliation Advertisement Case Proposal for the Selection of an AD Placement Media Dear Madam
The acquisition of the products and brand requires the realization of a new AD placement. Considering the success of the AD placement in existing publications, using the Runner World publications may provide reliable media. However, the publication also owns provides advertisement alternatives that may be more effective. In addition, the selection of other publications may also be effective in targeting new markets.
In regards to the existing publication, Runner’s World have an online option that may be used by its clients. The online portal is available to any person or subscribers. The advantage of the approach is that is has an exceptional market reach. A magazine is rarely acquired by the modern day sports person. An easier access through a phone to the company website may be more effective.
The Runner’s World may provide sufficient marketing for our existing brand. However, a new marketing media may be required for the expansion of our market. The new approach must have a significant regard to the new acquisitions of fishing, hunting and camping. In addition, the new media selected should have the online option of AD placement. The new strategy would increase the reach of our advertising. The new strategy would also increase our positioning and marketing segmentation options.
From the suggested options, it would be important and beneficial to the organization if the two alternatives are implemented. The only disadvantage to the alternatives is that they would increase our marketing costs. However, the benefits from approach would more advantageous to the business.
Yours Sincerely,
Disclaimer: The Proposed Alternatives Results have not Been Proven for Effectiveness in Our Organization.