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Shifting Healthcare Expenses to the Public al Affiliation) Employers strive to shift the burden of their employees’ health care costs to the public sector. This is due to an increase in expenditure in healthcare. High-risk workers put burden on their employers, as they require huge benefits from the health care plans. The employees should seek for alternative ways in the management of their health problems. If an individual falls ill due to the nature of their work, then the employer should assume liability for the healthcare costs. The individuals should develop an attitude of independence and buy their private insurance. Various governments have limited fiscal budgets and pressure (Feldstein, 2011). This is because it has to take care for the health of the aging population. Shifting the cost to the public only increases the level of taxes and affects the finances of various households. Such costs could be unsustainable for the lower and average income earners.
There are disparities in the level of income for different household individuals. The public consists of a majority of average income earners. If the cost of health care for high-risk employees shifts to the public, then high-income earners should make the biggest contribution. Genetic factors cause most affected employees to inherit some chronic diseases. Such health care plans make the employees feel some form of discrimination from their employers. Employers should treat all the employees with equality regardless of their health background. The employers should instead make health care policies affordable for all the employees. Relevant authorities need to regulate insurance companies in the creation of their health care policies (Feldstein, 2011). The regulations should require the companies to provide insurance covers at normal charges. The employees should seek routine checkups from their healthcare providers to put their condition under control. The employers should avoid any form of discrimination in the determination of the health benefits. Shifting the public health care cost to the public could be unfair for both low and average income earners.
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