Airborn questions

What is the Doctors name? HallidayWhat’s the name of Kate’s escort? Marjorie SimpkinsWhat is the movie that Matt watched on the Airship? SilsareshWhere does Matts family live? Lionsgate CityWhat does Matt bring back for his mother as a gift? A bottle of Iberian PerfumeWhat deck was the kitchen on? A deckWhat deck is the Bakery on? B DeckWhat time did the tour start? Half past 10(10: 30)In The journal of Kate’s grandfather what was the time and date that he first saw the island? Semptember 2, 15: 23(3: 23)What was the name of Kate’s grandfather? Benjamin MolleyWhat were the last words Banjamin Molley spoke to Matt?“ You never. Saw them” What amount of ballast is standard procedure to dump? 1, 000lbsAfter Matt visited the museum to see Kate, how many more museums was Kate scheduled to go to? 3How did Kate and Matt escape the pit where they were sentenced to die? They filled Kate’s pants with Hydrium to float to the top and escape. How long is a journey across the Pacificus? 5 daysHow long is the Aurora from stem to stern? 900 feetHow tall/high was the Aurora? 14 storiesHow many passengers were aboard the Aurora? 120 passengersWhat is the chefs name? VladWhat does the chef do when he is angry? Sharpens his knivesThe first breakfast aboard what animal did Baz say the passengers were eating like? ApesHow did Kate and Miss Simpkins get on the Aurora? An ornithopter took themWhat was the Ornithopter called by the crew? MosquitoesWhat was the name of the Ornithopter that took Kate and Miss Simpkins to the Aurora? Nimbus 638What is Matts nickname? Lighter than AirWhat does Hydrium smell like? MangoesWhat are Cloud Cats afraid of? gunsWhat is the skin of the airship made of? GoldbeatersWhat was the name of the bolloon in the begginniong of the book? The EnduranceHow did Kate arrive? OrnithopterWhat did Miss. Simpkins shake in Kate’s face that she found? femerWhere is the ship headed in the story that Matt made up? HawaiiWhat does Matt want to be? Junior Sailmaker then PilotWhat is the name of Spiglasses son? TheodoreWhat is the name of Spirglasses wife? DelilahWhat color is the pirate ship? BlackWhat does Vlad do to calm down? Sharpen his knivesWhere does Matts family live? In LionsgateWhat color is the Cloud Cat? Silver GrayWhose the first Mate of the Pirate ship? CrummlinWho is the book dedicated to? Philippa, Sophia, and NateWho taught Matt about the starts? His fatherWhat kind of coat was Matt wearing in the beginning of the book? Fleece lined coatWhat was the lookouts job? watch for weather changes and for other shipsHow high does the Aurora normally sail? 800 ftWhat was there no better smell of? fresh baked breadHow many stars had Matt seen in the beginning? 106Who was Matt having a who could see the most shooting stars contest with? How far ahead was Matt? Baz, 12 STARSWhat did some of the crew call Matt? Cruse or boy (wasn’t worth a mister)Who always called Matt Mr. Cruse? Captain WalkenHow far was the Endurance from the Aurora? 100 ft up at One O’clock, about half a mile offWhat did Captain Walken always say? Please and Thank YouWho was the kind of /man everyone felt safe around? Captain WalkenWhat color was the Captains Jacket? BlueHow many stripes were on the Captains Jacket and what color? 4, goldIs Matt afraid of heights? NoHow long has Matt been aboard serving the Aurora?> 2 behinning of books but middle 3 yrsWhere was Matt Born? In the airWhat kind of bones did the crew say Matt had? Seagull bones (hollow in the center to allow for easy flight)What was Benjamin Molley tryin to do? make a solo circumnavigationwht sicknedd did Benjamin Molley have? pneumonia, heart seizure couple days ago, heart an lungs are damagedWhat was Isabels present? didgeridoo from australia. its and instrumentWhat present did Sylvia receive? beautiful tortoishell headband Matt had seen in the Grand Bazzar in Marrakeshin the beginning which table ordered more morning glories? table 9what side was the ornithopter passing the aurora? starboard sidewho is the wireless officer? Luc BayardWho is the Cheif Steward? Mr. LisbonWhat did Matts dad give him for his 10 th Birthday? A compassHow old was Matt ehen he was firsy aboard the Aurora? 6Who is Bruce Lunardi’s father? Otta Lunardi he owned the Aurora and more than 40 other airshipsWht do Sailmakers wear on their collars? a gold stamp steering wheelWhere were peolpe interested in the tour suppose to meet? At the Grand Piano in the starboard lounge at half past 10. What port did they leave from? North AmericaWht did Matt start with in the tour? A deckHow many people did the cinema hold? 50 pplWhere is the smoking room located? the end of A deck