Alternative medicine and conventional medicine

Shahrzad Nikkhah Professor Keafer English 200 29 november 2012 Alternative Medicine Growing up in afamilythat has been using herbal medicine for years became amotivationfor me to further my knowledge of this ancient practice of alternative medicine . The worldhealthorganization has announced that about 65 and 80 percent of world’s population uses traditional medicine, since the growing belief is that to get cured of disease you need to get to the root of the problem, and reach beyond the physical body.

According to all the research it seems that alternative medicine is more effective , more economical , less invasive and harmful than conventional medicine. While It has been proven that state of mind and body are linked directly , mind body medicine helps in healing the body by changing the person’s attitude which effects the immune endocrine and nervous system, while stressed mind interrupts the functioning of the immune system and causes disease. More and more people are relying on the power of prayers , meditation , and herbal medicine to protect their body from negative effect ofstresshormone and proper break down offoodin body.

It has been shown that alternative medicine has helped many withdepressionand chronic pain, hypertension, anddiabetes. Conventional medicine is a quick fix which prevents the body from stimulating the immune system to fight an infection as in antibiotics which destroys the valuable bacteria that helps with digestion. Since the production of antibodies slows down, it prevents the future healing. CAM ( another name for alternative medicine ) helps promote natural healing process while it has by far less side effects and harm to the other organs resulting in a long term benefit.

Due to low cost of CAM higher low income population can afford the health care, while the conventional medicine cost has been on the rise over inflation and wage growth. With the 13 percent of 38 million adults who use CAM in conjunction with conventional medicine in the last year the poorer population with no health insurance has been benefiting from this method of treatment, since herbs is easier to obtain , naturally available and do not to be researched.

Although , alternative medicine is not completely reliable to be used on serious illnesses many Americans have turned to alternative practices since they have not seen any positive results from standard medical or surgical treatment or because the traditional treatments are too expensive or dangerous. Most alternative medicine principle is to eradicate the problem from its roots. With serious dedication , discipline , and change of life style alternative medicine is personalized to suit the needs of individual.

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