Ambugity and clarity in writing

I chose example 2 which stated “ I was thrown from my truck as it left the road. I was later found in a ditch by a flock of wild turkeys. ” This statement in my opinion is an example of vagueness. The vagueness comes from the statement that is very unclear. I am having a hard time understanding how this person was thrown from their truck. It is missing information and is hard to follow. This statement allows me to know that the person was thrown from a truck but we do not know how or how they were found by a ditch of flock.

This could have been by a car accident or by someone who could have literally threw this person out of the truck. This type of vagueness throws the reader off because they are unclear of what is really going on in the writing, it becomes a problem when you are trying to understand reasoning behind this statement. The second sample writing I chose was “ The online course helps me in a lot of ways. I can use all kinds of resources. The place in the library offer tutorials in all different areas, Microsoft Word, Excel and other tutorials.

Also, there is services, that offers technical support, tutoring, library help, and then there are financial aid andacademicadvising. The library section offers help in finding books, journal articles and more. There is even places in math, writing and technical. ” This statement is ambiguous because it is open to more than one interpretation. This can be speaking on behalf one online course or the school of online courses. Also when they mentioned that the library offers all types of resources it does not specify which library and where this library can be found. It could be found online or it could be a place where you have to go.

When you write a statement it needs to be clearly understood and it should not have your reader trying to understand the statement you are trying to put across. In this example the writer would get that the writer likes online courses but in the supporting sentences it just goes into stating help from the library and is somewhat confusing. The relationship betweencritical thinkingand clear writing is that they both work together. You have to critically think to clear write. When you are jotting things down your brain is working to come up with these unique thoughts which is critically thinking. They go hand in hand.