American literture

Themes in American Literature Franklin developed many themes in American literature. Among them included self improvement, pragmatism as well as self identity. Religious pragmatism is one area that greatly interested Franklin. His ideologies were related to biblical themes; love your neighbours as you would wish to be loved. According to Fraklin, religion was not merely an abstract but a crucial concept for everyone. Religion was part and parcel of Franklins work. Fanklin strongly believed that the milestones he had made in life was because of his faith in religion. Franklin related his work to the daily occurrences (Chris, 78). He gave a synopsis of how the ministers in America focused on making people to be Presbyterians rather than good people of a nation. Finally, Franklin’s impartially regarding religion was highly welcomed by many. He supported the Presbyterians and d all other religions equally. Franklin’s literature differed from other authors like Fredrick Douglass in that the latter allowed the audience to react to their work. The use of satire also enriched his literature. Well established literatures have satires well integrated in them.
Thomas Paine favored independence. History books clearly illustrate this. In 1776, his pro-independence pamphlet called Common sense immensely contributed to American literature. This pamphlet was accepted in most regions of America that were colonized by the British. The simplicity in the style of writing the pamphlet was admired by many. Thomas’s message in the pamphlet relayed a message that he disliked the British monarchy. King George was brutal to him. He urged the public to champion for independence. Thus, common sense hardly impacted in the struggle towards independence (Chris, 55). Though the common sense pamphlet was published anonymously, Piane was very courageous to do that. This made him be an enemy to the loyalists’.
Jefferson equally contributed a lot as far as independent of the American society was concerned. He published a lot of charters that were geared towards achievement of independence. According to Jefferson, the society in America was no longer at liberty as before. Through his literature, the message was communicated to the Americans. The theme of liberty was not a new concept in America. Some authors had already focused on the importance of ensuring that the individual’s freedom was very important. For liberty to be realized, Americans needed to present the grievances against the King. However, people were scared of the King. The king was very brutal and frustrated all the efforts that opposed him. These grievances were to end the relationships the Americans had with their colonizers. Thus, attainment of independent was necessary. Jefferson was motivated people by his literature by using the bible as the reference point. He emphasized that his charter of freedom was a legal document that attempted to enhance the freedom granted to them by God (Chris, 45). The pressure that the literature of Jefferson exerted was to sensitize the governments about the rights of humans’ (Chris, 45). Finally, the artistry that was a demonstrated by Jefferson made him be a renowned author of all times. He was compared to other great people like the Pope who advocated for respect of human rights. His declaration of independent contained all the wrongs the Americans were being subjected to under the colonial government.
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