An inconvenient truth

An Inconvenient Truth: The Most Terrifying Thing You Will Ever See
Global warming has been an environmental issue that has captured the attention of most people; from presidents of different countries and celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Orlando Bloom and Pink, to ordinary citizens like you and me. Former Vice President of the United States Al Gore, in the documentary film entitled An Inconvenient Truth, educates and informs us, citizens, about the different effects of global warming that is now happening all over the world.
In the video, it shows how the world’s temperature has skyrocketed in the last decade, 2005 being the hottest. The dramatic rise in temperature at several places in the world has caused numerous devastating environmental disasters and catastrophes. Places all over the world have desiccated and dried up, such as Patagonia and Mt. Kilimanjaro. Multiple storms have exacerbated and have gotten worse and worse. The Arctic’s ice and snow have melted significantly, causing an increase in the sea level. When the height of the seawater increases, a great number of lives will be affected. States such as Florida and major cities such as Shanghai in China, Kolkata in India and Manhattan in New York will drown and be buried by underwater. The community of scientists has collectively given their opinion and judgment on global warming and they believe that we are the main cause of global warming.
Through Al Gore’s presentation, he persuades and tells us that if immediate course of action will be taken by citizens globally, then we might all still have a chance in saving the Earth from global warming, and saving ourselves.
From the trailer of this documentary film, it definitely concerns me regarding the future of the Earth and the future of the people. Personally, I absolutely agree with what Al Gore has to say with reference to global warming. In the top world news and international headlines that are read in newspapers and are watched in the television, we learn about the effects and the consequences that the entire world is suffering from right now, because of what we, ourselves, have done to the planet that we live in.
Global warming has played a big role in the severe weather that everybody has been experiencing right now. Storms and natural disasters are getting much worse. Droughts will intensify, posing a big threat to the lives of all living things, from humans, animals, plants and water life forms. Because of the dramatic climb of the heat, everything will begin to dry up and no water will be left eventually. Vegetation will, sooner or later, die. Freshwater ecosystems such as fish and other freshwater creatures will die as well. People, and animals included, will suffer greatly, lacking food to eat. The escalating occurrence of droughts worldwide will also increase the probability of wildfires. These fires will recur because of the rise in temperature. This big problem will affect the world and change numerous lives completely. When fires occur, the excess amount of certain gases such as carbon dioxide and methane contributes to the how fast and how much the environment warms. And when everything is drying up, the sea level will increase, drowning and burying cities and towns alive, along with it everything from people to buildings and homes.
Because of this growing problem for everyone, each one of us has an important part to play in order to save our planet from dying. The Earth is our only home, and it is special and beautiful. In order for us to protect and rescue our home, we need to all contribute and do something about this issue. Keeping the environment clean by recycling, preventing pollution, and many other ways will indeed save us all.
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