Analysis a passage

Passage Analysis It is clear that the sets it as a fundamental point in the passage that association between people is their means of existence. What men make out of their lives comes from a natural instinct and association governed by the magnitude of the benefits they are likely to derive.
The author puts forth that in the production stage, there comes a time when men must inevitably combine. The cooperation showed by the individual as a strong force that shapes the society. This is what has resulted to the way societies are shaped since time immemorial. To further support his claim, the author asserts that it is the presence of material gain that largely influences the association of people in the production endeavor. Their activities are geared towards an acceptable exchange that sustains livelihood. The only thing that keeps on changing is the forms of association exhibited by men.
The reasons presented by the writer take into consideration the reality of the world and people in it. They address the real situation which depicts humans exhibiting the addressed behavior. Cooperation for acquisition of some benefits that are shared on agreed terms is a common thing. Therefore, what the author puts forward is trustworthy and realistic evidence. When men want to fulfill their needs and acquire something, they show cooperation with one another. That is not refuted. This passage explains to the people in the world how their relationships are structured. It helps them understand and evaluate their relationships for the sake of their gains. This is in accordance with the principle of genuineness in their associations. This implies that while engaging in the production of life, utmost honesty is vital.
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