Analysis for disney essay sample

Do a brief market opportunity analysis for Disney, identifying the major markets that Disney has expanded into The market opportunity analysis endeavors to estimate the size and sales potential of a specific market segment of interest to you as a franchisee while also assessing key competitors in the specific market segment. It is important as a franchisee that you take the time to analyze your market opportunity in a specific target market area: Movie, Music, and TV shows. It’s obvious that Disney has a target market of younger kids and of course of parents. Disney has already established a very strong brand name which will appeal to these markets almost immediately. How does Disney’s cross-platform franchising help create sustainable competitive advantage? Sustainable competitive advantage is defined as the strategic advantage one business entity has over its rival entities within its competitive industry over a long period of time.

Disney’s cross-platform franchising into many film franchise sequels, including new cars, pirates, and Monster Inc. Films, helps create sustainable competitive advantage by placing their very strong brand name into difference markets which would generate a lot more opportunity to reach other markets that their competitors fail to reach. Describe the marketing mix for one of Disney’s franchises Taking into consideration the product, the price of product, the means of distribution of that product into the market and the manner in which you choose to promote that product for its specific market. The marketing mix could be different for one product in different markets. Describe the major components of Bob lger’s strategic plan. Revitalizing Disney’s animation business was a top priority, which would be improved through the purchase of Pixar. Moreover, Bod lger aimed for Disney’s latest TV shows, theme park rides, and merchandise was based on Pixar Character. In addition, when he pursed a target market, it was associated with young children, not adults. He did move the Disney’s channel from premium to basic cable and launching local versions in key global market.