Analysis of techniques used in battleship potemkin

1. How does the cinematography positively or negatively affect your opinion of this film? The cinematography had a positive affect on the way I viewed this film, as a silent film, cinematography played a key role in getting the story across to the viewer.

Facial expression and body language were also a must have for this type of film in order to help convey the story line to the viewers. 1. How does the mise-en-scene affect your perception of this film? It is what made this film, since it is a silent film creating the right dramatic  articulation is necessary to get the right emotional response from each viewer. In one scene it shows hundreds of citizens some angry, some sad, some just curious, all unitingat the docks to view their fallen comrade, this shot was used to get those sameresponses from the audiences at that given time and moment. 1. How does the use of sound affect your perception of the film? The only sound to this film was the music, there was no street sounds, horns gun fire, cannon explosions, dishes clattering people muttering about, or ship sounds only only the body language and facial expressions and captions, and music used to convey that emotions of that particular moment and time in each scene.

1. How does the use of music affect your perception of the film? Since there are no words, except for the captions placed in various spots in the movie for emphasis on the dramatics, music was all one had to convey the mood of the characters, music set the tone for each scene, such as sadness, anger, hope, unity, triumph, victory and I felt it helped me to understand exactly what was taking place through out the movie. 1. How does the editing of the film affect your perception of the film? I thought they did a great job in editing the film so that it could be easily understood by the audience. For that time and era, it was an excellent job, which allowed me as the viewer to see the events unfold as they happened, with the articulation needed to understand the storyline.