Analysis of the prologue to we were soldiers once and young

Full A Soldier’s Voice We Were Soldiers Once and Young portrays the harsh realities of war where young men who were supposed to be enjoying their youth and dreaming about building beautiful futures, were instead forced from their mother’s warm arms to embrace cold guns and kill their fellow human beings. The story seems factual because it gives vivid descriptions that only a man who experienced war would be able to describe. The emotions involved in the narration is so strong, readers can almost hear the storyteller’s sobs. It is a story of love, the love of young and patriotic men whose love was not reciprocated. Indeed, they were given medals and recognized for their sacrifices however, to a man who has shown such dedication and fervor in serving his country, those are not enough. It is true that war changes people. War destroys lives, families and the mind. There are many untold stories of soldiers whose lives and their loved ones’ lives were drastically changed because of the effects of their active participation in war. This story speaks for most of them although it is possible that there are soldiers who experienced even worse situations. The story is an eye opener to us who just hear and read stories of war. It is not just an expression of the author’s thoughts and emotions but it is also an appeal to the readers for them to remember the fallen soldiers and the others who survived the war; as they continue to enjoy the freedom that they have fought for. It asks for remembrance and the heart to value the lost lives, whether on the American side or on the enemies’ side because after all, we are all humans unworthy of animalistic deaths.