Ancient european civilization compared to ancient china

Ancient European Civilization Compared to Ancient China Affiliation: Explain the similarities and differences between European Civilization and the Chinese Civilization.
There are several similarities in existence between the civilization of Europe and China. One of the dominant similarities involves conquering neighboring states in order to expand their territory. In the European civilization for example, Germans, French and other European nations fought constantly to try and conquer each other’s territory as a way to expand land for settlement and also acquire more power. The Chinese conquered each other (since they were divided into dynasties) in order for their dynasties to rule over the land and also acquire power (Matthews and Pelt, 2009).
The other similarity is that both civilizations were ruled by selfish leaders who did not care about others but only about satisfying their goals. This therefore contributed to the numerous wars and change of leadership that was experienced by these two civilizations (Hause and Maltby, 2004).
Despite the similarities, there were numerous differences between the two civilizations in discussion. The Chinese for example concentrated more on art and culture while the Europeans concentrated more on trade and religion. The Chinese lacked concentration in trade and religion because they had not started developing industries, the dynasties were very different and would not unite and hence development like that in Europe was not present (Schirokauer and Brown, 2012). As a result of concentration in trade and religion, European civilization had no time for art and this came to develop later on.
The other difference is that the different dynasties ruling China were concentrating on inventions and hence many inventions were developed during Chinese civilization. In Europe, development of different classes brought about competition and migration to other areas and hence inventions were not there but there was development of telecommunication systems to serve the different classes (Einsenstadt, 2003).
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