Anger and othello s wife

Desdemona is responsible for her own death as a result of her innocence and her inability to ask the right questions. In William Shakespeare’s play Othello, Desdemona plays the role of Othello’s wife. The plot of the play results in her tragic and sudden death. However the true tragedy is that it all could have been avoided if she would have spoken up, asked questions, and used her better judgment than listen to those around her. Desdemona is very loyal to her husband Othello. She loves him, and lives to make him happy. When Othello suddenly becomes angry and upset with Desdemona, Desdemona lacks the bravery and assertiveness to simply ask him why. Her inability to ask important questions to the key players in the play, leads Desdemona to her tragic death. In scene four, act two Othello calls Desdemona a whore ten times throughout their conversation. He is clearly angered by Desdemona and she fails to ask for an explanation. If Desdemona were to try and ask questions then maybe she would be able to explain herself and further prove her innocence, therefore potentially saving her life. Desdemona’s innocent character allows her to be easily persuaded and manipulated by other characters in the play. Characters that play a large role in clouding Desdemona’s judgment seem to be a dynamic duo in the plot of Shakespeare’s Othello. Iago and Emilia. Even thought not in cahoots with each other in the ultimate destruction of Othello, Iago and Emilia do their fair share in filling Desdemona’s head with lies and betraying her trust. Emilia explains to Desdemona that there is really no “ cause” of jealousy that it is just something that comes about, and cannot be destroyed. These conversations create Desdemona to think nothing of her husband’s anger towards her, but to just simply hope is goes away. This naïve character trait causes her to not ask the important questions. However there are many other characters in the play that could be held responsible for Desdemona’s death. Emilia is a character that subconsciously could have been responsible for this awful tragedy. Emilia in many scenes told Desdemona that Othello will be okay, and his jealousy will end. These thoughts coming from her best friend were taken very seriously. A large portion of the play Othello centered on the handkerchief that Othello gave to Desdemona as their first “ gift. ” Emilia found the handkerchief, and instead of returning it to Desdemona, she handed it over to Iago who used it as a catalyst in making Othello even angrier.