Animal,vegestable, miserable

Animal, Vegetarian, Miserable Gary Steiner worries about the locations where the meat eaten by many people today originate. He worries about the kind of treatment that people subject the animals to before they were slaughter. Another concern is whether the consumers worry about their health given that the animals do not undergo treatment with antibiotics or acquire hormones before their slaughter. However, the reality is that no human ever considers these questions before consuming the meat. They often have myriad justifications as to why people kill the animals.
Vegetarian’s ethics regard society’s animal treatment as mass murder and equate it to horror. Gary presents meat consumers’ argument that God created only human beings in His image and, therefore, are more close to Him than the animals. They argue that God created the animals to satisfy human dietary needs. The Bible and other Christian thinkers have ample support for the argument. Others argue that humans suffer most due to the human capacity for abstract thought. Jeremy explains that animals live in the present and have no sense of the future.
Vegetarians call for a more humanely raised meat. Gary questions the intelligence of the human race in reference to their act of ignoring the practices of animal killing. People kill approximately 53 billion animals every year for food. Gary argues that if humans cared about the animal’s welfare, they would renounce consumption of animal products. It is often a significant challenge for vegetarians to live in a meat-crazed society. Vegetarians avoid all kinds of animal products ranging from leather, silk, wool and the animal associated cosmetics and medications.
Gary Steiner’s thoughts presented in the book is an arguable subject. The various arguments of the issue will depend mostly on individual’s opinion. To some people, it is a standard practice while to others it is a ridicule of the normalcy.