Anthony and cleopatra

Anthony and Cleopatra| | | Love; what is it? The definition states it as an intense feeling of deep affection, but is that what love really is? When it comes to my love life it has been one that has gone up and down, around every corner, from mars to the moon whatever you can say it has been everywhere. Being heartbroken is one thing I can say that relates to me when it comes to Anthony when referring to the fact that his wife’s death and imminent battle pricks Antony’s sense of duty, and he feels compelled to return to Rome.

The reason I say that not that my girlfriend died but I felt I killed her in the relationship when I was younger. Love incommunication, trust and belief that you will not get hurt by this person. I did everything you aren’t supposed to do. Cleopatra was pretty much my ex-girlfriend, she hated the fact that I was friends with many girls she was a drama queen who craved my full attention and no matter what I had to give it to her. Shakespeare was the creator of all this, the love, and the lust. People live their lives as it is what Shakespeare wanted Cleopatra learns of Antony’s marriage and flies into a jealous rage.

That’s like women in this generation they hear about any girl you are affiliated with they automatically go crazy and get jealous regardless of what is true or not. This generation of people are used todivorce, use tocheating, fighting over stupid arguments. At the end of the day people accept it and just look for attention for example, when a messenger delivers word that Octavia is plain and unimpressive, Cleopatra becomes confident that she will win Antony back. Girls want to believe they are saints and that guys will bow down to their ever will.

If there is a girl that their guy is friends with or affiliated with is less attractive than they are they just bash her and say and do what Cleopatra does. My ex-girlfriend was like her she would fight with me, yell at me if I even said hello to a female but right when she found out that she was just another female she was all happy go lucky. This day and age love is not what it used to be it is not based on the fact once you meet someone you will be with them for a long period of time you are with them till you’re tired of them. Shakespeare created what we know today as love.

He is the reason we accept people because of their differences and show that we have true love for each other regardless of differences we are willing to do whatever it takes for the people we love. For example look at the twilight movies a vampire falling in love with a human, being fought over from a werewolf. The most absurd story but we as aculturelove it because we love seeing people fight for each other’s love regardless of who it is, we urn for that as a culture but we have grown to accept people getting cheated on, lusting over others.

Love is a cold thing but it can be beautiful if it is taking seriously and it can fulfill all your hopes anddreamsif you do what it takes. When explaining 3 fats about love you have to think about trust, loyaltyand communication. When referring to my ex I did not trust that girl, trust is one thing that without it there is no relationship, and you have to have trust. Cleopatra had no trust in Anthony. The reason I say that is Cleopatra learns of Antony’s marriage and flies into a jealous rage.

She did not have faith in him. Trust is one key to have true love. With me and my ex we loved each other, but we did not trust one another we would fight argue about everything and never truly had trust and faith in one another. An example of this is when Caesar dismisses Antony’s request, but he promises Cleopatra a fair hearing if she betrays her lover. How can you have trust in someone if she is willing to go behind your back and do such a thing to you?

Trust is one thing that you have to have if you want a true relationship. Cleopatra seems to be giving thought to Caesar’s message when Antony barges in, curses her for her treachery, that is just getting caught in the act of lying that is not how you have a good relationship. Another fact that needs to be taking into content when it comes to love is communication, with me and my ex we did not communicate. Our communication was literally not there at all we only talked when it was convenient for her.

She did not put her best foot forward when it came to talking to one another it was never her wanting to actually to talk to me but instead just doing it because she had to. When it regards to the play Anthony and Cleopatra did not have great communication, she was pretty much a side chick in Anthony’s life. They had everyone do the he said she said life. For instance when she found out about Antony will marry Caesar’s sister, Octavia. She gets it from a messenger that delivers the word that Octavia is plain and unimpressive. She automatically gets jealous and doesn’t know that e is only doing it to solidify their loyalty to one another in the Caesar and Antony making an alliance with one another. She needs to be informed of this; they have to talk to one another. Me and my ex did not talk we fought when we talked there was no communication. Cleopatra thought that Antony was cheating on her when he was just making an alliance. Communication is key in love. Finally loyalty it is to me one of the big things you have to have when you’re in a obligation Antony thought he had Caesar’s loyalty when they made an agreement.

He thought wrong Caesar breaks his truce, wages war against Pompey, and defeats him. How can you have believed anyone or trust anyone without true loyalty? This is how love in our day an age has fallen people don’t communicate, don’t trust anyone because people are not loyal anymore. Like I said before we live in a day and age where it is ok to cheat, and not be loyal to someone who you committed to. This day love is lost, it is a distant memory, but when people are happy, loyal, communicate, and trust one another love will prosper.

Love can never die it may be lost but when you find that special someone who you see and brightens your day when you see them. That is what love is, when no one else matters besides that person when you are with that person. Antony let power take control of him and Cleopatra let her trust issues and lust take control of her. Loves is a beautiful thing and every time Shakespeare writes a story about love he portrays what happens when you mess up. Love is a beautiful and when you get it you should never let go.