Apa final paper essay

Animal Abuse: Should it be illegal? Animal abuse is a current issue in not just the United States, but also all across the world.

Some animals, that may be thought nothing of in the U. S. , are considered sacred animals in many different countries. Although they may mean well for the animals, some of the habitats they keep them in are not good for them, health wise and for emotional/social growth. Nobody understands how the things they do to their animals affects them and how hat will make them act towards other people, as well as their owners. You should treat animals as you would treat a human being. The social life of captive Asian elephants in southern India is very different from the ones here in the U.

S. “ The Tamil Nadia Government categorizes these elephants into three captive systems: forest department (manages at timber camps and zoos), temple elephants (managed in Hindu temples), and private elephants” (Vanity & Bastard 43). “ The Asian elephants in captivity used as work elephants constitute about 22-30% of the remaining Asian elephants” (Vanity & Bastard 43).

Circus animals have the right to be protected and treated humanely under the Animal Welfare Act. Although they may have the right it does not mean that people give it to them and follow the rules like they should. In many circuses animals are trained through the use of intimidation and physical abuse. “ Former circus employees have reported seeing animals beaten, whipped, poked with sharp objects, and even burned to force them to learn their routines” (Danville and Idealizes 1). “ From the years of 1 994 to 2005, 31 circus elephants died from inhumane conditions and while in the wild, elephants normally walk 25 miles a day, but in the circus they spend 96% of their lives in cages” (Do Something). Wild animals are afraid of fire naturally, but they have to perform in the force of trainers. Now many of these animals move back instinctively before jumping through a hoop, but trainers drive them with whips and clubs” (Binging & Doggone 137).

“ Almost all the zoos carry on mutilation such as removing teeth, cracking nails for the tigers and lions used for taking photos which leads the fatality ate much higher than ordinary animals” (Binging & Doggone 137). Another form of entertainment through animals is dog racing. Most think of it as not to be dangerous at all and some even bet on the dog of their choice that they think will win. It should be just as much illegal and unlawful as dog fighting is considered. “ It is estimated that on average it takes 1. 000 dogs to maintain a mid-sized racetrack operation.

New greyhounds continually entering the system to replace other greyhounds that fade off or are taken out due to injury, age, or poor performance. In the united States, there are currently 30 tracks that are operating’ (Danville and Idealizes 8). Now although dog fighting is illegal in all 50 states there are still people out there who do it without getting caught.

As of the year 201 0, there have been 111 cases reported of dog fighting in 33 different states out of our 50 we have” (Pet-Abuse). The law needs to keep a tighter watch on dog fighting or find some alternative to help them watch it because if something is illegal it does not mean that there are not people out there who will not still do it. Animal abuse is not only limited to the entertainment and sport animals are used for. There are other forms of abuse that people do not think much of because it has to do with the slaughtering of animals, and since we eat meat everyday like it is no bog deal nobody thinks anything of it. “ Tens of thousands of wild and domesticated horses from the United States are cruelly slaughtered every year to be used for horseman in Europe and Asia. Since the last horse slaughter plants were closed in 2007, thousands of horses are now shipped to Canada and Mexico to be slaughtered” (Danville and Idealizes ).

It is said that after one or two years of producing eggs at an unnaturally high rate, female fowl are classified as “ spent hens”, no longer financially profitable for factory farmers so they are slaughtered” (Do Something). “ In 2008, more than 54 billion farmed birds, including nearly 9 billion in the United States, overwhelmingly chickens, were slaughtered” (Shields & Raja 282). One technique they use to kill animals, mainly birds, is the electrical water-bath stun system.

They use this technique to help render the birds unconscious so they do not feel anything during the throat cutting. This is not proven to be 100% affect though due to some birds are affected differently by the water-bath stun. “ Short of recording EGG activity and Seeps, monitoring unconsciousness after stunning is not objective or precise; other methods, such as the presence of seizures (convulsions), could lead to inaccurate or erroneous conclusions” (Shields & Raja 284-285).

“ It takes eighteen red foxes to make one fur coat and fifty-five minks to make a mink coat” (Danville and Idealizes 12).