Application of the vrine model in the analysis of cisco systems, inc. essay sample

Cisco’s acquisition of more than 115 companies since 1993 could have meant a significant challenge for integrating networks and other IT elements. Instead, Cisco IT has developed a standard set of principles and processes to help accomplish these integrations rapidly, consistently, and with minor disruption. Cisco IT continuously improves its integration expertise by applying the standards to each new acquisition. These standards mean shorter time to gain the value expected from each deal and the ability to pursue more acquisitions, more quickly and at lower risk. Valuable

Cisco chose to apple its new product introduction process to there products as well. This called for incorporating cross-functional inputs from marketing, engineering and manufacturing into product design, to ensure products functionality, manufacturability, testability and cost-effectiveness. Rare

Cisco products are not rare, but in contrast to many other technology companies Cisco does not make a choice in favor of only one technology and does not impose this technology to its customers. Cisco’s philosophy is to listen carefully to the client’s requirements, to consider all possible technological alternatives and provide a choice of a wide range of possible options. Cisco develops its products and solutions based on industry-standard practices. Inimitability

Cisco resources – this is the most extensive in the industry portfolio of hardware used for the construction of information networks and access to them, plus operating system Cisco IOS (designed to support network services and applications), experience in the design and deployment of networks, as well as the technical support and professional services are to maintain and optimize network operation. Cisco uniqueness is that it can – on their own or with a partner – to provide all of resources. Cisco develop industry-leading products and solutions in the core areas (switching and routing), as well as in advanced technologies, which include: – Products for IP-telephony, such as IP-PBX, VoIP-gateways

– Network security devices (firewalls, VPN, IDS, etc.)
– Wi-Fi access point
– Optical switching platform
– ATM-switches
– Cable Modems
– DSL-equipment
– Universal gateways and remote access gateway
– Switch network storage (SAN, Storage Area Network)
– Network management software
– Servers
– Big TelePresence videoconferencing system
Cisco solutions provide high performance, flexibility and scalability of video conferencing systems, which makes them indispensable in organizations of any size. The decision has broad capabilities for configuring and conferences, supports a variety of dynamic circuits, a rich set of controls, as well as management and monitoring of network videoconferencing. Exploitability

The Cisco solutions provide tools for:
-Performance of staff working in different places
-The removal efficiency of the training and education
-Reduce travel costs
-Develop closer links with remote employees and clients
-Maximize investment in existing infrastructure and applications Discussion

Are there activities that this organization performs differently than its rivals? Reliability.
Cisco’s reliability has years of successful operation.
It is very important for settings: many ways for searching of troubleshooting, built in all Sisco devices. Intellectuality.
All Cisco devices include a wide range of technologies, protocols, ideologies, both standard and their own. Performance.
Cisco is a leader in many segments of the market, and must conform to this high calling. Therefore, there are unique solutions, such as CRS. Do any of the rival firms’ value-chain activities give them a competitive advantage? If so, why don’t others imitate these activities? Cisco products are difficult to imitate, because technology of the company is carefully protected. Of course, there are a lot of products alike on the market, but still Cisсo is the company that can be proud of its unicity.


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