Argumentative essay on premidicine

Pre-medicine, famously known as pre-med, is an educational path that undergraduate students are required to undertake prior to pursue their dream medical careers. Pre-medicine as a career path, has rapidly grown in its popularity, thus becoming not only a prerequisite requirement in the United States, but almost in every country globally.
It entails all the necessary activities that prepare a student for a medical school. Such activities involve pre-medicine course work, clinical experience, volunteer experience, the application activities, and research work. All these aims at giving exposure to an aspiring medical student on the major ideas in relation to the course work that he or she should expect to handle in the main course.
Majority of the pre-medicine learning institutions, do not offer an option for a pre-medical major. Any student in the pre-medical path is capable of choosing any of the undergraduate majors in any field of studies so long as it focuses on the scientific fields of chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, and physics. These are the necessary requirements for any student taking pre-medicine studies to be prepared for Medical Students Admissions Test.
Pre-medicine students are required to structure their coursework to accommodate the prerequisite courses. This mainly happens during their first year at the university. After this, pre-medicine students apply for, register, and take Medical Students Admission’s Tests. This is the only registered and standardized exams that identify the qualified students for their specific medical courses.
Association of American medical colleges has developed a list of all the required courses that every pre-medicine student must pursue. The pre-medicine course work is a path strictly follows a certain curriculum. The entire idea of incorporating pre-medicine courses in to many American institutions’ has been vital in streamlining the entire American health care system.

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