Art of america: mona lisa

The painting was done between 1503 and 1506 (Mayhew, 46). Leonardo Da Vinci connected pyramid structure to place the woman tranquility and basically in the place the fine art. Her neck, face and breast glow with the same magnitude of the light that forms her hands. The light is, therefore, able to give a number of surfaces and the underlying geometry of circles and spheres.
The woman is depicted sitting upright while folding her arms, which is a sign of her held posture. It is only her gaze which is well directed to the observer and this gaze seems to welcome the observer in silence. This woman appears very alive in a very unusual measure. It can be deduced that there is an intimate conversation between the lady and the observer (Jeanne). This paint became more famous when it was stolen and then recovered. It was believed that it had been lost forever, but after two years it was recovered after one of the employees had stolen it.
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