Article review on in what ways does wollstonecraft differ from kant

Wollstonecraft is more concerned with feminist issues whilst Kant is more concerned with ethical and spiritual issues especially due to the explanations regarding humanism and dignity.
2. How does Romanticism differ from the Enlightenment?
Romanticism is principally based on imagination and fantasy while the Enlightenment is usually based on scientific discoveries and advancement of man
3. On what basis does Wollstonecraft argue that obedience is contrary to Virtue?
Again this is a rather feminist statement since virtue is usually a woman’s thing while obedience would be something to do with blindly following what is wanted from you. Wollstonecraft seems to imply that obedience is equal to submission.
4. How does Wollstonecraft’s Feminism relate to her Enlightenment argument?

The Enlightenment is reflected by Wollstonecraft’s feminism since she views this as advancement and progress with regards to independence.

5. Why does Wollstonecraft compare women and soldiers or officers?
She looks at this aspect viewing women as subservient to officers whilst soldiers are mostly treated on the same level. However Wollstonecraft also looks at the aspect of women’s independence and rights as seen through the eyes of officers who are mostly concerned with putting women to bed.
6. In what ways is Wollstonecraft expanding on the ideals of the Enlightenment explained by Kant? Does she differ?
The Enlightenment brought great changes to how humanism and the human person was viewed. Wollstonecraft dealt with this aspect extensively and in this way she shows that Kant was intuitive to describe the Enlightenment as a page turner in history.
7. On the first page of her book, Wollstonecraft combines Reason, Virtue, and Experience. What do you think she means?
Through Reason, the human being can become virtuous and experience simply intertwines all these aspects together. So if one does not have Reason, Virtue and Experience may be lacking and that is what Wollstonecraft is actually saying.