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Work submitted after the deadline, and within 2 weeks of the deadline, will be capped at a Merit grade unless extenuating circumstances apply- see programmer handbook for further information. Work submitted later than two weeks after the deadline will not be accepted. Feedback will be available within 3 weeks of the submission date. Late submission: Feedback Number of tasks Submission dates There are four tasks regarding the individual written report – all in report format Task 1 Question on role and barriers to marketing planning Task 2 Question on macro-environmental analysis and proposing of SMART objectives

Task 3 Question on marketing strategies and application of marketing mix elements Task 4 Question on impact of ethical issues on marketing planning activities General Guidelines The work you submit must be in your own words. If you use a quote or an illustration from somewhere you must give the source. Include a bibliography at the end of your document. You must give all your sources of information. Make sure your work is clearly presented and that you use correct grammar. Wherever possible use a word processor and its ” spell-checker”.

Introduction and background notes (vocational context) This unit will be assessed by Course Assignment and Time Constraint Assessment based on written Examination The attached case study of McDonald’s: Repositioning the Golden Arches is set to examine learning outcome 1 -4 of marketing planning (page 7-9) You will be required to demonstrate that you have a good knowledge and understanding of the concepts and process of marketing, planning, including any barriers to planning and issues of implementing the plan including ethical issues.

O CCITT 2 Tasks Grading Criteria What you must do Based on the information given in the case study, you are required to answer the following questions. Each answer must address the task, and provide an analysis supported by marketing planning theory with example and acknowledging source of information. Total word limit is 3, 500 words; your assignment should be at least 3, 000 words in length.

Task 1 (LOL) Using appropriate marketing audit frameworks, identify and analyses McDonald’s micro and macro-environments in order to determine the key factors that can influence McDonald’s marketing activities and their likely implications on the firm. 1 OIL (1. 1, 1. 2, 1. 3 1. 4) P/WAD Task 2 (ALL) Explain the potential barriers to McDonald’s marketing planning activities and repose solutions for overcoming the barriers identified. Task 3 (ALL) Based on your analysis in Task 1, develop a marketing plan for the launch of a new product / service for McDonald’s.

The marketing plan should include the following: a) Propose and develop SMART marketing objectives for the new product / Service b) Development of appropriate marketing strategies that will lead to the achievement of the specified marketing objectives for the new product / service. C) Application of the marketing mix elements to support the new product / service 2/ALL (2. 1, 2. 2) 3/ALL (3. 132, 3. 3) (3. 4, 3. 5) Task 4 (ALL) Examine the ethical issues that can affect the marketing activities of McDonald’s and discuss how these can impact upon consumer behaviors.

Propose recommendations that McDonald’s can adopt in order to improve its ethical practices. Evidence checklist We need to see: Check this carefully to make sure you hand in the right work Individual written report How your work will be assessed 4/ALL (4. 1, 4. 2, 4. 3) Tick 1 . Your work will be assessed using the Grading Criteria statements which are shown below. 2. The Criteria which will be assessed on this assignment are shown in the section above labeled Unit Criteria and Levels.

These are also shown against the tasks so that you know exactly which task(s) refer to which criteria. 3. In most assignments you will have the opportunity to achieve at all levels – Pass, 3 Merit or Distinction – and your highest achievement for each of the Grading Criteria will count. Occasionally a particular task may offer restricted opportunities (I. E. The best grade anyone could achieve would be a Pass or Merit) in which case the maximum grade will be specified. 4. If the evidence you submit does not meet the requirements of a Pass in any of the

Grading Criteria you will receive R grades and will need to consult your assessing tutor about resubmission or other opportunities to achieve the grades. 5. You will receive your tutor’s assessment of your grades, and feedback, on a separate Assignment Grading and Feedback Sheet where you will be invited to record your comments. Grading Criteria: Study these criteria carefully to choose your grade The following criteria indicate what is expected in order to achieve a Pass, Merit or Distinction. To gain a Pass in a BITE HAND Unit, you must meet ALL the Pass criteria; to gain a

Merit, you must meet ALL the Merit and Pass criteria; and to gain a Distinction, you must meet ALL the Distinction, Merit and Pass criteria Learning outcomes Pass LOL. Be able to understand the main barriers to marketing planning 2. 1 . 1: Explain the role of marketing planning 1. 2: Explain the potential barriers to marketing planning 1. 3: Propose recommendations for overcoming the barriers to marketing planning Be able to conduct marketing ALL. Audits 2. 1 : Explain the macro-environmental factors affecting the marketing activities of your chosen organization 2. Explain the potential opportunities arising from the macro-environmental analysis 2. 3: Identify and propose SMART marketing objectives based on the opportunities identified in the preceding section LOB: Be able to formulate a marketing plan for a product or service 3. 1 : Explain the marketing strategies to support the achievement of your stated marketing objectives 3. 2: Explain the application of the marketing mix elements to support the achievement of your chosen strategy ALL. Understand ethical issues in marketing 4. 1 : Explain ethical issues that influence marketing planning 4. : Explain with examples consumer ethics and the effect it has on marketing planning Merit and distinction assessment criteria (conceptualized) MI Identify and apply strategies to find appropriate solutions Select/design and apply appropriate methods/techniques Present and An effective approach to study and research has been applied using appropriate examples from your chosen organization and relevant theories relating the role, barriers and proposing appropriate solutions to planning Relevant theories and techniques have been applied in your analysis relating to macro-environmental analysis and discussion of likely implications on your chosen origination The student supported the report using a range of sources of information that has been used. In the report, an appropriate structure and approach has been used. A coherent, logical development of principles/concepts for the intended 4 audience is evident throughout the report. Communicate appropriate findings Use critical reflection to evaluate own work and justify valid conclusions Take responsibility for managing and organizing activities Demonstrate convergent/lateral/create Vive thinking Conclusions have been arrived at through synthesis of ideas and have been Justified wrought practical examples from your chosen organization.

Autonomy/independence has been demonstrated when choosing relevant and appropriate developments within the industry of your chosen organization Activities have been managed taking into account, class attendance research and submission dates. Self-evaluation has taken place when evaluating the positive and negative of writing the report and the unit for Marketing Planning Internal verifiers Professor Inurn Nab and Dry Gilbert Gobo Signature (IV of the brief) Date HEN/D Deduced-Parsons Assignment Brief Form 1 Q September 2012 Guide to student 1 . Preparation guidelines of the Coursework Document: a. All coursework must be word processed. B. Document margins must not be more than 2. 54 CM (1 inch) or less than 1. CM (3/4 inch). C.

Font size must be within the range of 12 point in body text and 14 point for the heading d. Standard and commonly used type face such as Times New Roman and Arial should be used. E. All figures, graphs and tables must be numbered. F. Material taken from external sources must be properly referred and cited within the text using the Harvard system g. Word limit must be strictly followed. . Before submitting the assignment students must check their course work on ” MODEL Site” with Plagiarism Software (Turning) and obtain a certificate. Examination Officers and relevant tutor or the assessment committee have the right to ask the student to submit the softies of the assignment. I.

Do not use Wisped as a reference 2. Plagiarism Any act of plagiarism will be seriously dealt with according to the regulations. In this context the definition and scope of plagiarism are presented below: Plagiarism is presenting somebody else’s work as your own. It includes copying information directly from the Web or books without referencing the material; submitting Joint coursework as an individual effort; copying another student’s coursework; stealing coursework from another student and submitting it as your own work. Suspected plagiarism will be investigated and if found to have occurred will be dealt with according to the college procedure. For details on Plagiarism please see the student hand book) 3. Submission a. All coursework must be submitted to the Examination office with cover page. B. Any computer files generated such as program code (software), graphic files that form part of the 5 rework must be submitted on a floppy disc or CD together with the documentation. C. The student must attach a copy of the question in between the cover page and the answer. 4. Good practice: a. Make backup of your work in different media (hard disk, floppy disk, memory stick, e-mail etc. ) to avoid distress for loss or damage of your original copy. B. Make an extra hardcopy of your work submitted for your own reference or later use 5.

Extension & Late Submission If you need an extension for a valid reason, you must request one using a Coursework Extension Request Form available from the college and submit to the Programmer Manager. Please note that the lecturers do not have the authority to extend the coursework deadlines and therefore do not ask them to award a coursework extension. The completed extension form must be accompanied by evidence such as a medical certificate in the event of you being sick. Late submissions with mitigating evidence will be accepted and marked according to the college procedure. Please note that late submissions may result in lower grades or rejections.