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If you fail to score 6 marks in each paper or cannot submit the assignments in the stipulated time of that year, you will have to wait for the assignments meant for the next year and submit them afresh. Once you get 6 marks in one paper, you cannot resubmit it for improvement of marks. Assignments are not sent for re-evaluation. Assignment Questions Last date for submission of Assignments- 31 SST January 2009. Assignment for Part-I MA Education 2008-09 Paper-I Assignment No- I Compare the philosophy of Pragmatism and Idealism with reference to the process of education. Assignment No- II

Assess the contribution of Etageres educational thought in the present context. Paper-II Differentiate between Science and Religion. Examine religion as a functional and dysfunctional factor in the contemporary society. Assignment No- II What is Woman Empowerment? Explain the role of Education in the empowerment of woman. Paper-Ill Define thinking. Illustrate different types of thinking with its educational implications. Assignment No- II Explain Galleons theory of emotional intelligence with its educational implications. Paper-IV objective type test can not replace essay type test. Justify.

Assignment No- II Value based learning is the need of the hour. Explain. Assignment for Part-II M. A. Education 2008-09 Paper-V What is Experimental research? Explain the different types of experimental design. Assignment No- II While research report may differ considerably in scope and treatment, they are expected to follow a similar pattern of style and form that has become conventional in academic circles. Elaborate upon this statement with special reference to the writing a research report. Paper-VI Explain the scope of educational policymaking at the state and central gobo. Bevel with its implications. Assignment No- II Show the relationship between education and economic system with reference educational planning. Paper-IX (CIT) Explain the uses of computer in education and training with reference to CIA & COM Assignment No- II Describe the importance and application of Internet to Education. Paper-X (Try. Eden. ) Explain the importance of networking and collaboration in teacher education programmer Assignment No- II Give your comments on the functioning of ONCE in teacher education programmer in the present scenario.

Instructions regarding Assignments The answers to the assignments are to be written in the prescribed response whet. Every students will be supplied 04 response sheets of 12 pages each. Additional sheets if required may be added to the response sheet. Up all the columns on the first page of your response sheet & retain the acknowledgement slip while submitting the response sheet at Room No. 1 08, DID Bldg. The answers to the assignment should be in your own words. You should not reproduce the study material or copy the information from other sources. Whenever you quote the text/ books/ Journals, you must give the reference.

Each assignment should have a suitable introduction and an apt conclusion. The answers should be precise, well documented and relevant to the questions raised in the assignments. Make sure that you have attempted to deal with all the main parts/ sections of the assignments & illustrate relating the content of the assignment to present day situations & with relevant current examples. Keep the word limit of a particular question in mind if mentioned. Slight variation in length does not matter much, but your answers should not be too short or too lengthy. Write your answers in your own handwriting.