Attendance system – introduction

Introduction Nowadays the number of school population is usually rising because of rapid increase of students in our country. Philippines is one of the countries that has huge population of students including the foreign students who have chosen to study here, is extremely increasing, which led to the need of computerization processes especially in schools, primarily with Online Examination system. Computerized Online Examination system is very much needed in every school to give satisfaction to the students and also to the school personnel, and also because it can make their work easier and faster in terms of filling the documents and assuring the security of it. Today the ways are still evolving in greater heights. The information technology professionals tend to learn and discover more on how computers have given the advancement for the society in this country and in abroad. Statement of the Problem The implementation of proposed computerize Online Examination system for the School will ensure quality online examination system. Specifically to answer the following problems: 1. What is the profile of the respondents in terms of the following? 1. 1 Gender 1. 2 School 1. 3 Birthday 2. How do the respondents perceived the proposed system in terms of the following. 2. 1 Functionality 2. 2 Security 2. 3 Reliability 2. 4 Usability 2. 5 Efficiency 4. How do the respondents perceived the idea of having computerized online examination system for the School? Objectives of the Study The proposed system will be design to upgrade the online examination of the school, which will provide accurate and efficient services to the student and schools personnel’s. The main objectives of the proposed system are the following: 1. Fast retrieval of grades of students 2. To less paper works especially in giving paper work examination Scope and Limitation The scope of proposed computerize online examination system for the school are the following: * Fast and easy in retrieving of Grades * Computation of Grades * Each Computer will be network to each other * Generates print-out * Name * Grade * Passed or not Passed The School and its different transaction will not be included. Also the following: * The proposed system will only be used in the school. * Income/Expenses of School will not be part of proposed system. Significance of the Study Some schools are still using manual examination during entrance exams which the security of confidential information of the students can be lost due to uncertain unwanted event. But with the implementation of a computerize online examination system all the problems will be easily eliminated and not only to eliminate all the said problems but it would also greatly benefit the whole institution with ease, speed, efficiency, and accuracy of handling examinations of students enrolling. Significance of the study with regards of the following users: Administrator — will help ease in giving exams to students School — will improve the examination system of the schools which are still using the manual examination method during entrance exams. Students — this study will help the students to have easier and uncomplicated process of entrance examination. Significance of the study for the future researchers This will be a useful guide for the future researcher to enhance or produce a better system that will be useful. It will also help the future researchers how to make a system step by step. Definition of terms Examination – the process in which students takes entrance exams at a university or college usually to attain college credit System – any group of components which will interface and complements one another to achieve one or more defined goals. Institution – is a social arrangement which pursues collective goals, which controls its own performance, and which has a boundary separating it from its environment. Administrator – is the one who manipulate and maintain the system. User – the one who will use the system. Process – a particular method of doing something, generally involving a number of steps or operations Confidential – Restrictions on the accessibility and dissemination of information or data. Implementation — The completion of the system Network – a system, as in a business or university, consisting of a computer, or computers, and connected terminals, printers, etc. Monitor – in some schools, a student chosen to help keep order, record attendance, etc. to watch or check on (a person or thing) as a monitor Satisfaction – anything that brings gratification, pleasure, or contentment Computerized – To enter, process, or store (information) in a computer or system of computers. Database – is an integrated collection of logically related records or files consolidated into a common pool that provides data for one or more multiple uses. Hypothesis The Online Examination System is one of the most needed for a student to be able to be enrolled in a university or college school. This system will be able to help enhance and help the flow of the schools entrance examination with ease and efficient to the students.