Australia-china relationship

The following presentation shall be a major discussion on the different relationships that bind Australia and China, which also includes their economic, political, andeducationas well as the development of the said relationship between the two nations.

Relationship between China and Australia

It was 1909 when China offered a proposal Of trade-based relationship with Australia, however, it was only during the year 1921 when Australia formally accepted the invitation to trade.

The political change in China during the year 1941 however makes it harder for Australia to support the said trade relationship. The political stiffness in China has been a hard-to-deal-with situation for the Australian economic system, considering that Australia adapted to the democratic system of social government.(Lynch, 1989)

Because of the above situation, it was December 1972 when the two countries signed a diplomatic agreement noting that although a trade relationship exists between the two countries, both areas are to be free of being mandated by either of their political set up’s dictation on each countries’ private situations. (Murphey, 1996)

At present, the relationship of China and Australia is made stronger through the regularcommunicationthat exist between both county’s administrative sections.

The assurance of each other’s security in the relationship has made China the second top partner of Australia in terms of trade and political standing in the global situation. (Selden, 1979)

As the years of progress in the international trade continues to advance, the relationship between Australia and China appears to step up towards a better situation that most likely ensures theloyaltybetween both countries’ situation as with trade and political trust.

A Focus on the Political Relationship

From this discussion, it could be observed that the relationship of both countries have been primarily affected by the third parties that involved other situations that have affected the relationship of China [primarily] with other countries such as the United States.

America has been mainly trying to change the relationship with China as a partner to becoming a competitor when the military group of the said country was noted by the US government as a spy. As a result, the relationship that China had with Australia was almost jeopardized. (Terrill, 2003)

To fix the issue, both China and Australia tried to arrange their mutual understanding through fixing the different misunderstandings that have been evident in their relationship because of the situations mentioned herein. (Sang Ye, 2006)

The situations were further fixed to regulate the relationship and as of now, the arrangements have made it possible for the two major economic assets of the global trade to have a considerable connection between each other in terms of social and economical progress. (Thurston, 1994)

A Focus on Trade and Economic Stability between China and Australia

In terms of trade, it is essential that Australia and China have an understanding with regards the relationship that exists between them especially with regards economic stability.