Banks video lecture assignment

National University MAT 641 Education and Social Pluralism Lisa M. Sparaco Assignment 1. 1A Banks Video Lecture Tiffany Malone 021730028 “ There is increasing diversity as well as an increasing recognition of diversity in nation’s states around the world. ” (Banks 7/10/2006) In his lecture, Democracy, Diversity and Social Justice: Education in a Global Age, Banks discussed the Academic achievement gap, School Reform, and Dimensions of multicultural education.

He listed the Dimensions of Multicultural Education as: Content integration, The knowledge construction process, Prejudice reduction, Equity pedagogy, and An empowering school culture. He also spoke of various personal experiences that has shaped his opinion regarding the education system as well as motivated his quest to find answers to questions that permeated in his mind. Banks discussed how diversity allows universities to reach students of different cultures. It allows children to associate or befriend other children from a different race, or gender, or ethnicity. It is necessary to conceptualize the school as a social system in order to implement multicultural education successfully. ” (Banks 2010 p. 1) Diversity also allows history and other information to be given from various perspectives. “ Education in a democratic society should help students produce the knowledge, attitude and skill to help students become leaders of society as well as possess the attitudes knowledge and skill to help to make our nation a just place to live and work” (Banks 7/10/2006)

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