Benjamin carson life story

Benjamin Carson was born in Detroit, Michigan on September 18, 1951. He was born into a working class family, and raised by a single mother, that had the education of a third grader, and Carson’s older brother. Starting out, Carson wasn’t a very smart student in school, teachers and students referred to him as the “ dumb kid”. He was teased, which made him develop anger issues. He would start fighting with the other students who would bully him. When his mother looked at his report card and seen where he was failing almost every class, she changed everything. She pre-selected two shows (educational) for them each week, and they weren’t allowed to play outside until they memorized their multiplication tables. His mom helped change Curtis and Ben’s life around by doing these things, before Ben knew it; he turned into an honors student. At the end of eighth grade, he got an achievement award, as he was receiving this award his teacher took the microphone and began to scold the audience, saying how she was disappointed in the other students that they’re not doing better than a colored person. When Ben’s mother heard this, she was very upset and relocated Curtis and Ben to a different school. He continued to still have anger problems, but he finally got them under control after he thought he stabbed a boy in the stomach. After Ben graduated from high school he went on to medical school at Harvard University. By the age of 33 Ben became the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at John Hopkins Hospital, and then became famous for being the first person to successfully separate Siamese twins, with both of the babies surviving the surgery.