Book review on no mercy just cruelty

Does the author’s have a biographical sketch to include the proper APA documentation?

In text, if author used in signal phrase, author (year).
End text (author, year, p. # –if it applies)
Birth and death (if applicable)
History of novel publication – when published, where published, and by whom.
The author used proper APA citation format for both in text and bibliography list. Just as it is required to site the authors surname, year of publication and the page numbers, the author has followed al the required APA format. In the bibliography list, the author is also required to site the surname, initial of his first name. Year of publication, title of the book, and the website the information was retrieved from. All this have been done in their correct format and style.

Critical Reviews of the novel (documented) Sources clearly identified

Most of the sources used by the author have been retrieved from online sources. The fact that they are not derived from a single source implies that what was presented had been thoroughly verified to ensure clarity. The websites where the information was derived has been highlighted and is real. One can easily follow the links if they desire to get more information. The sources used are also valid and present clear documentation of the text.

C. Brief synopsis of the novel that is organized, coherent, and leads to conclusion

Time Sunday night

Place New Orleans

Protagonist Dick
Antagonist Perry

Relevant Stock Character(s) the Clutter family

What is instigation?

The instigation of the story is how the main characters met. In the process of talking, they get an idea of how they can rob the Clutter family. This is after Dick bragged about working for Mrs. Clutter who had a lot of money. The conversation that leads to them deciding to commit the crime and the outcome, which was a loss to them and the Clutter family became the climax of the story.

What is conflict?

The conflict of the story is whether crime is justified or not. The author was bringing out the fact that anybody can engage in crime at anywhere and any time. The magnitude of two people talking and their ability to commit a grievous crime should never be underestimated. There is also the conflict of death where Dick and Perry decides to kill the entire family ignoring the other benefits they had to the society.

What are the elements of rising action?

A. Perry working for the clutter family.
B. Dick and Perry meeting in the cells
C. the notion that Mrs. Perry had a lot of money

What is the climax?

The climax of the story is the murder of Dick and Perry.

What is falling action?
The falling action is the murder of the clutter family which ultimately led to the murder of Dick and Perry. Death is paid by death.

What is denouement?

The conclusion is that there is nothing that can just be obtained for free. In the long run, Dick and Perry did not obtain the money they needed and instead killed an innocent family. They did not live to enjoy the benefit of their action but instead faced the consequences.

D. Did the writer document enough specifics (citations) in the story? Vivid physical description? Expressive imagery? Is the writer using concrete verbs and adjectives, specific nouns? What can be improved?
Even though the author used adequate citations, he did not provide an adequate analysis of the story. There is over reliance on study materials which prevented the author from using his own knowledge. We only observe him give an analysis of the document at the end of the paper. Most of the symbols and imagery used are derived from the story.

E. Themes/Symbols (Use examples and illustrations): What was author’s message to the audience? How does he/she get across that message? (2 examples that should be cited)
The author intended to communicate to the audience that there is nothing that can be obtained without hard work. Whenever people feel exited about having something that is not their own and fail to obtain it, there is a high probability that they will end up hurting others and even themselves. It therefore necessary for everyone to be satisfied with what they have and work hard for what they want.

F. What does his message suggest about Fouccault’s ” world outside the text that influences the world inside the text”? (2 examples that should be cited)
Foccults life outside the text seems to be of concern to the society and centered on mechanisms to minimize on crime. he believes that those who engage in crime do not simply do it because they want to but are under some pressure. For example, we see Dick and Perry who are not well of in the society yet there is some family who seem to have more than they need. To them, if they get just a small portion of what they have, it will go a long way in solving their issues. Another example is the disappointment they had when they were not able to obtain what they went for. Their anger rose to the level of them opting to kill the entire family so that they are not discovered.

G. What does the message say about all of us as a society? How did the message affect you personally? What personal insight can you bring to the text?
The message affects the society in a number of ways. Firsts, it seeks to inform those who are deemed to have money to always be on the look out as they can be attacked any time. They should more so be cautious about the people they keep as their employees as they are the ones who are likely to organize gangs to rob and attack them. what people consider to be normal conversations should also be taken seriously as it may imply that a person has certain intentions.

H. What other books have you read that can serve as an analogy to the text? (An example from that text that is cited)

There are many other books, which provide case studies about people who were murdered in cold blood. Some of such literature may be fiction while others are based on real life stories. For instance, the literature provided by the author is derived from source materials that highlight what had happened.
What characters from other readings or novels could possibly serve as an analogy to the book? (Examples that must be cited)

Censorship Issues Addressed

• Should book be censored? Citations from the text to prove the point
There is no need for the book to be censored as it highlights the real issues that affect the society. For instance, by highlighting the thoughts that ran into the mind of Dick and Perry people are able to know what to expect from such people.

Who would you recommend read the book? Why?

I will recommend this book to anybody who has casual laborers to know that they are always keen on how they are treated and treat their finances. They should hence never take anything for granted and be cautious about the information they share with them.


1. Did the writer use the same sentence patterns? Examples
I noticed a similarity in some sentence construction which was a clear indication of the paper quality.
2. Were there any repetitive grammatical errors? Obvious misspelled words?
I realized some few grammatical mistakes and sentence construction errors.

Overall Assessment: What can be improved? What questions can you ask?

I would love to know what happened to Clutters family and how they reacted to numerous appeals to free dick and Perry. The reaction to the society and whether the people thought of taking the matter in their hands and punish the culprits. Even though we have been told of how people became reserved and barely talked to each other, we are mot told more about how they related with their employers.