Boundaries and working with other professionals essay sample

1. 1 How teachers work within professional boundaries and how to work with other professionals who support learners (Part 2)

It is important to maintain professional boundaries by knowing where your role as a teacher or trainer stops. Knowing your limits, which may be set out by school/college policies, as well as government legislation will assist you within your role as a teacher/trainer. Boundaries can usually be defined into Teacher-Learner and as well as working with other professionals. A Teacher must remain within the boundaries of their role, maintaining confidentiality, whilst acting professional and speaking appropriately.

As a teacher it is important to demonstrate equality and diversity by not favouring individuals and to remain fair and ethical. Flirtatious or sexual banter or “ giving your personal telephone number to learners could be seen as encouraging informal contact”, and could have serious consequences or question your professionalism and integrity as a teacher. [Gravells 2014, Page 7]

It’s also worth remembering that Facebook and other social networking tools should be avoided, as these are social and generally not deemed for professional relationships.

When working with other professionals it is important to apply similar values of professionalism, whilst remaining polite and treating each other with respect. As a teacher you should have an overview of their job role and how they can support you and your learners and vice-versa. Other professionals also include other organisations and agencies that a teacher/trainer may need to signpost to or consult with, these may include: Citizens Advice, Childline, Social Worker, Samaritans, ADFAM, FRANK, Victim Support, Women’s Aid, Probation Service. Professional boundaries are all about refining judgements and that’s what teachers do by sharing values and conferring with their colleagues and mentors.

“ Professional boundaries define effective and appropriate interaction between professionals and the public they serve. Boundaries exist to protect both the professional and the client.” [www. professionalboundaries. com]


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