Buying things to solve personal problems

People buy things to satisfy basic needs, to have entertainment, for convenience, to increase wealth, to create peace of mind, etc. One of the most popular reasons why people buy things in the modern society is that they try to escape from personal problems or at least to solve them in this way. Everyone faces difficulties, challenges, and problems, but their solution, in many cases, depends on our mental makeup and experience. But problems also have a positive side making us stronger, even if they seem to be a burden to us. In most cases, it is really the best solution to buy things in order to solve personal problems.

The examples may be medicine (when any part of your body aches), shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc. (when you are dirty and need personal attractiveness), a car or a bike (if you have to cover distances every day). There are things without which our everyday problems cannot be solved, and to get them, we have to go shopping. Shopping is also a good solution when our problems are related to emotional state that is when we are moody, stressful, irritated, or in sorrow. In these cases, even a tiny thing bought in a favorite shop or just for fun will definitel help. Sometimes, parents buy toys to their kids or improve conveniences of their aged parents when they have no time to spend with them.

There exist many other ways to solve our problems without buying things. In cases when problems occur because of our emotional state or lack of time, we have to find the cause of the problems. The analysis of your values, beliefs, behavior, and schedule will help you deal with them. For me, it is always good to have a cup of coffee with a friend and to discuss my problems; the solution come spontaneously. If you want to solve the emotional problems, you have to find the cause of their origin, analyze your attitude to things and facts, move to a higher level of vision. Maybe, relaxation and a good rest will be the best way to deepen in your thoughts and admire the life as it is.

Sport is away to clear your mind and to set goals. Once, I have decided to keep a diary. So, I started to write down everything that happened to me during the day and, of course, my personal problems and troubles. After 5 days, I had noticed that I had fewer problems than before. Thus I have come to conclusion that putting problems down is a powerful technique to solve them..

It may seem rather simple and primitive, but it really helps. Writing your problem down and thoughts related to it, you can get more clarity on how to fix it as you may read it again and again, and your thoughts automatically focus on solutions. I write till I am sure I have a solution. If you have no diary, you may write your problems down on a piece of paper or in a copy book. Being a student, it is difficult for me to save money; sometimes, it is even hard to live on the monthly budget I have.

Recently, I have stopped blaming myself for spending too much. I have analyzed all I buy and spend money on, and it has helped me save money. I do not feel the lack of money any more despite having any additional jobs. So, do not panic, analyze current situation, and you will definitely find a solution. Thus, buying things as a solution to emotional and personal problems is not the only way out. Keeping a diary, going in for sport, having a friendly conversation with close people, analyzing and relaxing in most cases are more useful.

Never panic, analyze all the time, have a good sleep, and your problems will definitely decrease.