Can north carolina declare an official religion?

North Carolina getting a state religion? No. | By: Eric Marrapodi and John Blake, CNN A group of representatives in North Carolina have recently been pushing the idea of uniting their government with an established religion. Two Republican representatives in particular filed a resolution that would potentially permit the state to declare Christianity as its official practice of worship. In this case, the North Carolina would reject all federal law and ruling concerning separation of church and state.

Although these representatives argue this would protect the county’s commissioners in theirfreedom of speech, critics say the resolution violates the Constitution’s first amendment. Those in favor of an established religion continue to fall back on the nullification theory, but many agree that because the theory has repeatedly been ruled as incorrect, courts won’t buy it. Personally, I don’t think the courts will buy it either. Putting the specifics and details aside, the concept of separation of church and state is ultimately already decided upon.

The way things are now is the way they should be; everyone is free to practice their own religion, including those who are pushing the resolution. I don’t know why one would want to force others to be a member of their religion if they don’t want to be. There is no way to force someone to be devoted to or believe in something. In the article, critics called the argument for a combined church and state “ phony,” and I agree. If most “ Christians” are not truly Christians, Christianity will quickly become a joke, as well as a lie for some.

If the state did adopt a conformed religion, what would regulations consist of? I doubt one would be punished for practicing another religion; therefore, there is really no point. If anything, I think those in favor of the resolution should be less concerned about spending time on a pointless argument and be more concerned about practicing their religion themselves. http://religion. blogs. cnn. com/2013/04/04/north-carolina-getting-a-state-religion-no/