care group essay sample

Care Group was a team of healthcare providers who offered healthcare to majority population in eastern Massachusetts. They were formed by merger of hospitals. They IT department centralized the IT of various departments of the merger hospitals and created an IT network which integrated each facility of numerous departments. Due to experimenting on the network for file sharing, the entire network collapsed and no one was able to identify the problem. There was a big fiasco in handling the entire functioning of the departments. CISCO team was called in to identify and resolve the collapse.

Problem Statement: Due to unplanned and experimental changes integrated into the network, led to the collapse of entire network. Even though the IT infrastructure was centralized, it did not follow the proper guidelines as needed. Lack of backup plan and sole dependency of IT on a single person contributed largely during the outage.

Root Cause of Problem:
Lack of proper well organized IT department and human resources to manage IT department. Dependence on a single employee was the major cause for network collapse. Absence of change management planning along with missing back up plans also contributed to the outage.

Alternative solution:
1) Need of a strong IT committee to manage IT functioning.
Pros: help in taking quick decisions, proper planning, budgeting control, no dependency on single person, IT policies, update on current knowledge Cons: cost and time.

2) Need for change control board to handle changes.
Pros: Asses pros and cons of each changes, set guidelines to manage and implement changes, create backup plans in case of failures Cons: Time consuming as lengthy process is involved.