Carl marshalls the light of innocence book review

Book Review: Carl Marshall’s ‘ The Light of Innocence’

The Light of Innocence is a spiritual book by Marshall Carl. The author wrote this book with the aim of improving his understanding of God’s testament. This book presents life as a gift and therefore everyone is expected to live a life that is in accordance with Christ’s expectation. Unless we understand Christ’s purpose in our lives, it is very hard to understand God’s gospel1. The main message is that God’s word will never change but our understanding definitely will. Because of God’ s appreciation and love, man should follow His words and live a holy life.
The Light of Innocence therefore inspires Christians to follow God’s ways. They are advised to live a Godly life, share with one another and make life beautiful. This book is a narrative to Christians and encourages them to lead a holy life. At one point, the author believes that sympathy is expected from Christians. Communication is also a very important tool that strengthens Christians’ faith2. Towards leading a happy Christian life, the author presents the Bible as the most important tool to help man achieve his faith. That way it will improve people’s relationship with God their creator.
It is also important to note that the book’s authorship is spiritual. The writer is in search for true faith and Christian love3. His search for God’s love is very great in the book. The other strength of the book is that it uses Biblical evidences to support his statements and explanations. This makes the book realistic and worth reading. For anyone who believes in the Biblical scriptures, he or she will find it worth reading. Loving one another and constant forgiveness is what is encouraged in the book. The author asserts that Christianity is all about living a holy life and following the footsteps of Christ.
The other thing about this book is that it reveals all false actions done by prophets hence leading them to hell4. This is described as resistance and therefore Christians should be ready to fight this vice in the society. This will not only help Christians increase their faith but also get them closer to their creator. With God’s favor, mountains can be moved and miracles will happen. Therefore, I strongly believe that this is a very good book that any Christian will find encouraging and inspiring towards leading a Godly life5. The writer of this book had the intention of answering questions that have been confusing Christians in the last decades. This is why the book is a very important asset for any true Christian believer.


Marshall, Carl. The Light of Innocence: Christian Living. Colorado: Outskirts Publishers, 2010.