Case study: cloud delivery models

Cloud Delivery Models Read the three scenarios below In each case, Indicate which Could Delivery model would best fit the situation described. Include a brief description explaining your answer Scenario #1 EX. is a large real estate firm. Their core competence is their understanding of the real estate market, and their understanding of their customers and the customer needs.

Their most critical tools are their CRM and email servers.

They are growing, and so is their customer list and their IT and marketing costs are growing at an alarming rate. They currently use managed services to run their CRM, email, etc software but they have had to deal with significant delays as each growth spurt Is bogged down by the time and cost it takes to provision new servers, install the software, test It and bring It online. Which cloud delivery model would be best suited for them? Alas / Pas / AAAS -o AAAS is the best fit for scenario #1 . EX.

uses managed services to run their CRM, email etc.

AAAS has many advantages like reducing IT support cost by outsourcing hardware and software maintenance and support to AAAS provider. It also reduces he time to install the software and configure the software which could lead to problems during software deployment. It also has advantages over scalability and integration compared to traditional models, users do not have to buy another server or software. Scenario #2 BBC Is a mild-sloe anomaly company that has historically worked on some of the major animation movies in the last few years.

Their core competence is their animation engineers, and their very talented IT staff that manages their server farms and develops new versions of their custom animation software. When they are irking on a particular animation sequence, their typical development cycle involves large spikes in computing and storage usage, as they render each section and each version. Over the years, as animations have become more sophisticated, these spikes have become larger and more unpredictable as they start pushing the boundaries of what is computationally possible.

Consequently, they have seen their hardware and IT costs Increase at a rapid rate in order to service the rendering spikes, while sitting idle the rest of the time. Which cloud delivery model would be best suited for them? Alas / Pas / AAAS o Alas is best suitable for scenario #2. Alas gives full administrative control to BBC since It NAS a lot AT talented sat TTT Tanat manages tenet server Tarts Ana develops new versions of their custom animation software.

The other advantage of Alas is that the cloud consumers can lease the virtual servers by specifying hardware requirements such as processor capacity, memory and local storage which is much needed for BBC. Scenario #3 PUT is a relatively young high tech company that provides a specialized location based service. Their platform is relatively straightforward: Web servers, application rivers, databases, JavaScript and Python. They also require connectivity to some external services such as mapping and location software.