Case study on uttarakhand

Uttarakhand Case Study:

Uttarakhandis the state in the northern part of India, which is mostly situated in Himalayas. The largest city in Uttarakhand is Dehragun. The state is located in the mountains and boarders on China in the North and Nepal is the South-East. On the territory of the sate have their beginnings the largest rivers of India: the Ganges and the Yamuna. Due to its location Uttarakhand is supposed to be one of the most picturesque places in India; no wonder the region attracts tourists and mountain climbers from all over the world. The greater part of the mountains is covered with forests; that is why flora and fauna of the area makes the state far more beautiful.

Unfortunately, with the development of the human civilization, the greater part of the wonderful forests was cut down and the problem of deforestation is becoming more and more relevant in Uttarakhand. In order to cope with this problem several national parks have been created on the territory of the state which are aimed at the protection of the natural environment. The population of the state is more than 10 million people according to the latest survey of 2011. In spite of the beauty of the nature of Uttarakhand, its geographical position is a bit dangerous for life, because the climate in the mountains is quite unpredictable. This fact is proved by the latest severe natural disaster which occurred in Uttarakhand in June, 2013.

There was heavy cloudburst on the territory of the state which lasted several days and caused damage to the state’s economics, agriculture and caused more than 5000 human deaths. The disaster which occurred in Uttarakhand attracted attention of the whole world, because heavy rains took many human lives. When a student is asked to research the case, he will have to learn about the state as much as possible and collect enough information to be able to analyze the case well. One should focus on the factors which caused the problem, evaluate the effect and analyze the solutions of this problem. Furthermore, in order to demonstrate knowledge and critical thinking skills one can suggest his own methods which can solve the problem more effective and prevent the further similar disasters. When there is a problem with case study writing, a student can try to solve these troubles with the assistance of the Internet.

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