Catherine s. funesto

CATHERINE S. FUNESTO BSCS III Rizal: bearer of Light towards Democracy As time passes by and modernization in consonance to technology continue to evolves, Filipinos hardly remember those times before our beloved country became democratic, the time which our ancestors fight for freedom so our generation now will never experience being slaves under foreign lands and when Rizal died so we can experience liberty. The first time I heard we’re going to watch Rizal’s life, I admit, I don’t really get interested because for me why try to discuss lives of people who already passed away? Their time on earth already ended so why reminisce it? What I’m thinking is that I already appreciated what he had done to save us against those foreign dictators who stole our freedom during the 18th century so the idea of letting them rest in peace inculcates on my mind. But then, as the movie went on, I realized I had mistaken. Time may passed by but memories remain. Plants may wither and die but the goodness of those memorable personalities will continue to serve as an inspiration to the succeeding generation. It will serve as an instrument and guide to a better future. Moreover, as what Dr. Jose Rizal did, it leads me to a well understanding that I should not depend on what is currently going on. There are times that other people will abuse your insanity. Just like what happened to our ancestors, it really made my tears fell down when I saw the friars hurt a little innocent boy. Spanish citizens went here to the Philippines just to be superior and let Filipinos be under their wings and we Philippine citizens can do nothing just to stop them because were not educated enough compare to them. How cruel they are. They never wanted us to be well-educated so they could continue their evil doings. Spanish priests acted so innocent and righteous but then they were the worst sinners due to the fact that they raped Filipino women. It really hurts me as I continue watching the movie when citizens of the Philippines experienced hopelessness, bad treatment and unequal justice. That’s the time I realized that I should be grateful to the brave ones that time like Rizal who sacrificed their lives and loved ones just to be an independent country. How lucky am I now that I am free. Free from dictators, free to express what I want and free to live life to the fullest. Furthermore, as the death of Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal opened up the eyes of many Filipinos towards injustice, I also realized that if we want change, we have to start on ourselves, and it is to establish better understanding towards our goal. It is to believe and let other country be aware that they can’t dictate us anymore and we are now educated enough that we deserve to be respected as a living society.