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Islam and Christianity are two religions that have been in existence for a very long time now. The two religions have very great differences. Primary, the Islam refer to a supernatural being as Allah while the Christians refer to a supernatural being as God. The two religions have different beliefs and practices. Initially, they were very cooperative but with time differences arose between them.

The first Crusade was launched in 1905. Pope Urban II expressed the principal aim as to offer help to the oppressed Christians who were attacked by the Turks (p 161). Notably, the success of the crusade still shocks many to date. At the end of the 11th century, the local Christians portrayed the advent Franks (Crusaders), where they had their first of many unwelcome episodes where they resented the western interference.

Crusade versus Jihad

The crusade clarified key ideas and institutions were neglected in the past. The movement was liberal. It was not only up to recovering the ” Holy Land” neither to defend the Christians’ presence there. It is because the movement continued in different ways.
In Arabic, jihad means to struggle or resist. The Qur’an describes it as a system that checks and balances. Qur’an 2: 251 describes that if Allah did not check a set of persons by means of other persons, the earth would be filled with mischief. To them, they start wars to defend their religion. In it, they are allowed to kill even when protecting their religion.

Factors that motivated the European Christians to heed the call to undertake a Crusade

There are three main reasons that motivated the Europe Christians which include: They wanted to free the Holy Sepulcher and also free Jerusalem. They also wanted to help the Christians of the East, who was suffering. It was so that they could manage to unite and end the rivalry between the Orthodox and Roman Christianity following the 1054 Schism. The third reason ends the energy of the often engaging hierarchal lords and knights into a single warfare. They had to unite all the Christians so as to fight for the same course.

Social and religious rules that governed the warfare in general and the crusades in particular;

The warfare and Crusades were governed by unity. The Christians heeded to the call of the Crusade. It was the only way they would save their oppressed fellow Christians in different parts of the world.
The Christians had the religious reasons that motivated them during the warfare and also during the Crusade. They wanted to get back their Holy Land and help other Christians.

Christians and Muslims view on the Crusades

Muslims viewed the Crusades as a threat to them. It is because some of the Muslims owned land in the area, and some towns belonged to them but they eventually lost them all.


Christians viewed the Crusades as a successful way of uniting and getting back the Holy Land. They got what it was they worked for, and anticipated.
These factors changed the modern times as both the Muslims and Christians learnt the importance of unity.

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