Christmas meaning

The message:” Best wishes for a Merry Christmas &a prosperous new year “ wishes it audience a cheerful, hopeful and joyous festive seasons and also wishing its audience a fruitful year. Christmas tree is a symbol of renewal and victory we know that in this period it will be the end of the year and we will be starting a new year soon. It’s also symbolises everlasting light and life. Christmas tree also set a colourful theme for the Christmas season.

Lights and ornaments represents glory since us Religious people will believe that Jesus Christ is born in this time and also the Star on top the tree symbolises the start that was above the stable that Jesus Christ was born in. The gifts will catch the shopper’s eye as they will know it that time of the year to spoil their loved ones with gifts. Candles represent warmth in our houses during Christmas season and the spirit of togetherness as we also know it asfamilytime and time of sharing love.

The gifts also symbolises those that were given by the 3 wise men to Jesus Christ on the days he was born and also that God gave us his son as gift to us to be our saviour. Kids will also won’t be able to contain their excitement because they’ll know by seeing this image it means Christmas is near and gifts are coming , But then again it all about peoples beliefs, upbringing and their viewpoint .

Those who don’t believe won’t notice any difference except another spending holiday and time off from work . Most of us feel that the festive season won’t be complete without seeing this image or any other images related to this , as we normal take it as an indicator that it that time of the year, whether we believe in Christmas or not.