Coca-cola company

COCA-COLA COMPANY al Affiliation: The Coca-Cola Company is the public trade company chosen to be evaluated. The decision to evaluate the Coca-Cola Company was arrived at on the basis of it being a global leader in the beverages industry.
Information source
The company history and product information was obtained from the company website. Further information was about the company was obtained from a book about Coca-Cola company. Coca-Colas SEC filings were obtained from the US Securities and Exchange Commission official website.

Type of business and background
The Coca-Cola Company is a corporation that operates as a manufacturer, retailer and marketer of non-alcoholic beverages syrups and concentrates. The corporation has been in operation for 129 years since inception in 1886 (Bodden, 2009, p. 3). Coca-Cola is an American corporation listed on the New York Securities Exchange. The company is headquartered in Atlanta Georgia but operates globally in over 200 countries. Coca- Cola owns or license and market over 500 non-alcoholic beverages. Mostly they deal with sparkling beverages, waters, enhanced waters, juice, ready-to-drink teas and coffees and energy drinks (The Coca-Cola Company, 2015 retrieved from http://www. coca-colacompany. com/). The company was listed as the fourth in World’s Most Valuable Brands as of May 2015 (Forbes, 2015 retrieved from http://www. forbes. com/companies/coca-cola/).
Coca-Cola’s rivals in the market are mainly Pepsi Co Inc. and Dr. Peppers Snapple Group Inc. Pepsi competes with Coca-Cola on the global market while Dr. Peppers challenges Coca-Cola mainly in the US market. The market location explains why Dr. Peppers Snapple Group Inc. shares rose than the two rivals in February 2015. Unlike Coca-Cola and Pepsi, Dr. Peppers does not suffer major issues associated with foreign currency fluctuations. Pepsi is also more diversified than Coca-Cola. It also operates in the food industry.
Fierce competition continues, and demand carbonated drinks that Coca-Cola relies on decreases. Now Coca-Colas CEO, Muhtar Kent announced plans to lay off around 1800 employees to reduce cost. However with a market in the global beverage industry of 30% and market capital of 183 US billion dollars, Coca-Cola remains a global giant (U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission, 2015 retrieved from http://www. coca-colacompany. com/investors/investors-info-sec-filings).

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