Cold war liberalism argumentative essay examples

An individual needs to remember one of the most memorable quotes of Jan Peter Balk “ The horrors of the Second World War, the chilling winds of the Cold War and the crushing weight of the Iron Curtain are little more than fading memories. Ideals that once commanded great loyalties are now taken for granted” in order to understand the great impact of cold war to the global community. In America, there was a need for democracy and equity amongst the citizens. During these times, there was a need for inclusion that was partly fulfilled by the responsible leaders. As leaders were pushing for the ideology of inclusion, agreements were signed to promote democracy and equality seeing the majority of the American citizens attaining jobs and living better lives. In the beginning, blacks were not involved in the ideology but, after a series of meetings the black leaders gathered inChicago to listen to the offers. The movement led to many demonstrations that forced rival leaders to come together and settle for one goal. In some ways, it did not become successful because of the discriminations of some prominent leaders like Dr. King. Dr. King was left out by one of his classmates in the process of implementation of liberalism, leaving an enormous number of black citizens unemployed. In addition, the rights that were to focus on democracy were not fully implemented . The actions of greed from the whites caused the demands of inclusion not possible. This essay is to discuss how Cold War liberalism was able to satisfy demands for inclusion and in what ways it was not able to accomplish the act.
The freedom ideology took some time to get implementation due to the separation amongst the leaders. Jobs were being created but reaching a particular group of people leaving majority states in poverty. In the 1950’s Labor groups being formed and the black leaders come together and set an agreement that could see Americans have equal job opportunities as the other citizens. It is illegal to deny a person employment because of his religion, color, or gender. During Keagan’s regime, people were receiving equal opportunities before the law and in all public activities. In the mid 50’sit became noticeable from business to education, as it’s enforceable and enforced. He passed the law of no more discriminative actions to a fellow citizen. The idea took some time, and later dominations of the white man resumed. Blacks received opportunities at workplaces, but they were the first to be firedfrom their jobs. In the 1950’s there were various riots on the streets for the need of democracy and equality that the white man continued with their discriminations.
As documented in varied historical documentaries, the American economy started to grow as industrialization was in competition with the USSR. The politics of the nation of President Reagan and Gorge W Bush made the country turn to the New left Movement. Different historians discuss the policies that were to be implemented, asking if they were successful . As leadership was changing, John Kennedy, Johnson L, and the U. S Congress did not initiate these reforms. In 1960, John Kennedy was elected the president in the USA and came with different ideologies from liberalism. It made the process of freedom have slow implementation all-around the stategiving the USSR ability to compete with the US. 1961 The Soviet finally dominates East Germany. The Berlin wall is erected as Kennedy creates Pease Corps. He later sends military advisors to Vietnam. In 1962, Cuba got into a missile crisis. A year later (1963), a treaty on nuclear testing is signed. It was to put a ban on using weapons against their enemies. President Kennedy is then assassinated, and the president of Vietnam “ Ngo Dinh Diem” is overthrown.
There are various events that occurred during the cold war liberalism period. But, the significant events occurred during President Kennedy’s regime. The period of Cold War Liberalism ended in 1991 as the USA and the USSR were experiencing a change in the leadership of their countries.
In conclusion, the essay is to discuss how Cold War liberalism was able to satisfy demands for inclusion and in what ways it was not. The success of the liberalism ideologies was through the persistent demonstrations by the affected people in America Cold War Liberalism is a period that involved a lot of rivalry amongst nations. They were in a state of competition with economies, military enforcements, ideologies, and politics. It is known to be a conflict between the USA and the USSR. It’s a period with no specific durations, but it lasted from 1947 – 1991 as per a unanimous decision by various Historians. The Americans used the term liberalism to mean compliment just after World War 2. Liberalism was in support of developments the US and avoids the communist leadership. They had a target of the creation of employment, grow of labor unions, develop the civil rights movement, support democracy and equality, and seriously oppose the communist rule. The high levels of discrimination amongst the blacks and some white men led to the fight for democracy and justice. However, the changes in leadership in the USA made leaders come with different ideologies that did not match the demands of the early black leaders. The doctrine took time for their implementations until 1991 when there an end to the cold war that democracy and equality became visible in the USA.

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