College and career

My educational aspirations consist of pursuing a degree in Theatre Arts that would assist me to become a qualified actor in future. On the other hand, my career goal is to become a renowned actor in various sectors of acting including movies and plays. However, I am certain if I do not attend college I will not get the opportunity to attain any of my educational or career goals, and this is why I am the best candidate for the Scholarship offer of $1000 for the Texas Caucus of Blace School Board Members.

Since then I have taken acting classes at KD Studios in Dallas. Additionally, I have taken part in a movie (A Race against Time- The Sharla Bulter Story Extra MSD Production Directed by Maurice Durham) as an extra and several schools plays. I am also a member of the National Thespian Society and was the President of the Desoto Chapter Of the National Thespian Society (2013/14) and won the Award for All Star Cast (Lead) – UIL One Act Play “ The Insanity of Mary Girard” (2013) Dancing (Hip Hop). I always keep myself updated with the developments taking place in the acting (Conley 99). My academic performance is satisfactory and I have a 3. 3 GPA. I am also an avid learner who is willing to do all it takes to excel in my studies.
While I continuously looking for ways to improve my proficiency in acting, this scholarship would transform my life and help me achieve my career goals. The institution’s rationale for choosing Justin as the best candidate for the scholarship lies behind the fact that he is a talented, motivated and experienced actor who is willing to do all that it takes to improve his acting skills.