College should be a equal opportunity for everyone

Loans for After the introduction by the lawmakers on the new policies where from Arizona universities and colleges had to have an extra $2000 from their own pocket, has raised a lot of question from the public (Chandler and Michael 5). This has made students too solicit funds on their own nowadays as compared to some times back. It is reported that students seek for loans on their own and this has made them to become serious with their studies and loan repayments. It is not acceptable for students to pay extra fees, as they will not have equal playing ground with the rich students who have the money they need for education.
Therefore, it is recommended that individuals are taught about the essence of taking loans. They should also be taught they ways they can be able to apply for loans and qualify easily. They should also understand that student loans are essential for them if they are in need of it especially those that are in need of attaining their degree within four years. It is for this reason that the government should establish ways in which the loans can be given equally and there should be no extra payments for students who are looking for loans independently.
The first reason why this should be is due to the fact that the cost of college studies is expensive than it was anticipated some years back. This has been reported in public colleges whereby the tuition fees for the four years have increased with more than 10% above the annual inflation in the United States (Chandler and Michael 23). The same applies to the private colleges and the students who opt for two years studies. Secondly, it has been realized that a majority of parents do not have enough funds to take their children to colleges since the economic situation does not permit them. From the survey conducted in a majority of American homes in august 2012, there has been a reduction in the number of parents who can fund the college studies for their children. The numbers of parents who are also able to cover half of the college fees have decreased. In the same survey, the number of parents who could afford the amount needed for books and tuition was less than 30 percent (Chandler and Michael 25). This shows that majority of parents need their children to able to access these funds.
The other reason is applicable to the students themselves who imply that college life has turned out to be expensive. The people who find it easy to live in colleges are those who commute from their parents houses. The amount of money spent in colleges has been seen to be more than living in an apartment. Compared to the things one has to spend the money on, one will find college life to be expensive. Issues such as food, supplies and books tend to be taking much of the expenses for students. Moreover, these are the essential things, which students needs, and they are the expensive commodities. The other reason why the students go for independent loans is due to the reason that the state has decreased the amount of support it rendered to students. The government is not supporting most of the students and they need the money for their studies, this makes them vulnerable for seeking loans. Therefore, the firms responsible should ensure that no extra charges are imposed on the loans.
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